Is Orban of Hungary or Biden of the USA the Real THUG?

As usual with leftist Enemies of “We the People” – the US main stream media – characterise anyone who is a patriot as an extreme Rightist; a NAZI. They very conveniently ignore the FACT that the acronym NAZI stands for “German, National SOCIALIST Workers Party”; National Socialist not extreme Right but extreme Left like most of the clueless, duplicitous and hypocritical criminal members of the Democrat Party of today.

Antifa, and BLM are Fascist, racist, terror organizations similar to the Nazi Brown Shirts that they emulate in destruction and methodology.

During a town hall in 2020, the Zombie Biden insultingly called  Victor Orban, the democratically elected Prime Minister of Hungary, as one of the “thugs in the world” who is admired by President Trump:

“You see what’s happening from Belarus through Poland and Hungary and the rise of totalitarian regimes in the world”, Biden said last year. “Our current president (Trump) supports all the thugs in the world.”

He came to this erroneous and simple minded conclusion maybe because of Orbán’s curtailing of press freedom, and becoming more and more nationalistic and authoritarian

Considering the fact that in 47 years in congress, Biden never achieved anything of importance but on the contrary, a lot of negative results (as we watch him in horror every single day), he dared insult a leader who stood up against one of the most oppressive regimes called the Soviet Union in 1989 demanding the withdrawal of Soviet troops from his country. Under which slimy rock was Biden hiding in that era?

I never allow a lie to go unchallenged. Let us look at the USA under Biden and his Democrats.

  1. You have NO Freedom of expression or thought anymore. Just read most of your treasonous newspapers and watch your contorted stories on TV
  2. You have a totalitarian administration doing its worst to control the lives of Americans from birth till death not unlike the Soviet Union
  3. If the President of the USA (Donald J Trump) can be silenced by the Social Media, not a single American is free as you are finding out every day how they (Twitter, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Paypal, YouTube and others) are severing your contacts with your followers instantly they disagree with your point of view
  4. While Biden and his THUGS are ordering all Americans to be vaccinated or ELSE, millions of illegals, terrorists and undesirables are crossing your open borders in the most unprecedented invasion in human history
  5. No nation is sovereign with Open Borders. The USA today, with over 1,500,000 illegals who have invaded already under Biden’s watch and many millions more awaiting, your social and economic structure will collapse because you need to house, feed, give financial aid, educate and re locate these aliens all over the USA causing the spread of disease and crime in unprecedented numbers.
  6. Your children have been – and continue to be – indoctrinated by socialist, globalist, immoral and treasonous teachers, educators and professors; yet most of you are deafeningly silent
  7. Your elections are as illegitimate and full of fraud as any Banana Republic in the Americas.
  8. Even your so called Justice System is screwed, because it has become obvious that if one is a Democrat, nothing will happen to one (Hillary Clinton and her mobiles and 30,000 missing emails?); your ‘woke’ generals and Afghanistan; BUT if one is a supporter of Trump, “Go to Jail”is instantaneous.
  9. When Biden has betrayed both Americans and allies and caused the most humiliating military retreat in the 243 years of the Republic, how is it possible for any member of this criminally negligent administration to be taken seriously or trusted?

These are only a few points that I am raising. There are many more. Hence on what basis is the clueless Sleepy half dead Joe Biden lecturing any leader on Earth about what is right or wrong?

Americans are unashamedly washing their dirty linen and self-destructing in plain view of the whole world; yet they expect to be taken seriously and respected?

Orban is a Christian Patriotic Hungarian who does not and will not, allow his nation and people to be subverted and later overwhelmed by Muslim invaders whom he knows very well, that they will never Integrate or Assimilate among none Muslims/kuffar/infidels, because their Allah’s Sharia forbids them from doing so.

The two worst offenders of European Christianity and civilization are Angela Merkel of Germany and the anti-Christ, Pope Francis who keeps misleading his 1,200,000,000 followers by asserting that “the reading of authentic Quran, shows no aggressive verses”.

It is interesting that while Francis is telling Europeans to take in Muslims, not a single Muslim lives in the Vatican. His hypocrisy and duplicity are astounding.

Pope Francis insists, Muslims are people who deserve to be welcomed with open arms and endless Christian love and charity. Tragically Francis deliberately ignores the previous Popes who fully understood, that Muslims regarded Christians — Infidels — as the “most vile of created beings,” and are dead set on violent Jihad, to seize the lands of the Christians ‘dar al Harb/ territory of war’ to make them part of ‘Dar al-Islam/ territory of Islam’, as they did with Spain for 700 years.

The goal of Muslims to either have all of humanity submit to Sharia or be exterminated cannot ever change; only the tactics have altered in the last decades from “war Jihad” – by armed warriors subjugating lands from without-  with now “stealth jihad” of demographic conquest which destroys Western states from within.

Pope Francis and his stooges in the church, have neither read nor studied Muhammad’s Quran; otherwise not one of them would insanely advise Christian nations to welcome Muslim invaders with open arms,

Here are just a few verses to wake up even the brain dead: Qur’an 2:191-193, 4:89, 5:33, 8:12, 8:60, 9:5, 9:29, 47:4, 98:6. Any reader checking these verses on line will understand the following that explains the whole of Islamic belief in one sentence:

It is impossible, and I repeat impossible to be both a good Sharia compliant Muslim and a loyal citizen among Kuffar/ infidels/ none Muslims”

Is there any reader who dares challenge my statement?

Contrary to all the calumny heaped upon Orban by clueless leftist globalists, he is the foremost protector of Christianity and Western Civilization in Europe and hopefully more such leaders will sprout in Europe before it is too late. It is because Orban is a patriot who truly understands the threat of Islam to the whole of the none Muslim world (80% of current humanity) that Donald J Trump rightly approved of him.

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