By Selwyn Duke
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What does mandating experimental “vaccines” for 12-year-olds, telling children they can become the opposite sex, exposing them to lewd material, forcing health-damaging masks on them, exposing them to racial propaganda, and killing unborn babies and then using their body parts for experimentation have in common? All these things are happening, for one.

They’re also all part of a very real but heretofore unlabeled phenomenon: systemic child abuse.

We hear much about “systemic racism.” Social-sphere robber barons (e.g., Attorney General Merrick Garland’s son-in-law) make millions peddling Critical Race Theory to schools, and demagogues use it to leverage political power. Yet the only actual institutionalized “racism” is against whites — in particular, white men — and to a lesser extent against Asian-descent Americans (i.e., college-admissions quotas).

Systemic child abuse, however, is rampant. In fact, while leftists are fond of selling proposals with the appeal, “Do it for the children,” the only thing they’re doing for the children is destroying them.

Perhaps the most recent example is Democrat California governor Gavin Newsom’s mandating of COVID-19 genetic-therapy agents (GTAs, a.k.a. “vaccines”) for 7th through 12th graders and his intention to ultimately require the shots for all schoolchildren, starting with kindergarten. Never mind that kids are more likely to die from drowning, the flu, cancer, homicide, suicide, cardiovascular disease, suffocation, or in car accidents (or abortion) than from coronavirus. Never mind that children, particularly boys, are far more likely to die from the GTAs than from SARS-CoV-2 itself. Abusers gonna’ abuse.

(It could also occur to the truly cynical that since boys are statistically more likely than girls to become GOP voters, their health may not exactly be a Democrat priority.)

COVID Ritual and the Fauci-ist faith also demand children be masked. This is despite studies showing that general-population masking doesn’t inhibit China virus contagion and that masks themselves seriously imperil kids’ physical and psychological health and can affect their development. But, hey, like wearing an amulet, it makes scientifically obscurantist adults feel as if they’re doing something.

Newsom also signed two bills last month that make it easier for youths to have a MUSS (Made-up Sexual Status or “gender”) “transition” or an abortion “without parental knowledge or consent,” according to BPR. Of course, prenatal infanticide not only has an obvious child victim — the never-to-be-born-alive baby — but also can do serious psychological damage to the pregnant girl.

As for MUSS “transitions,” adults are supposed to temper children’s odd phases with wisdom, not facilitate their most dangerous possible outcomes. Know here that without meddling, 80-plus percent of girls and 90-plus percent of boys will outgrow their MUSS confusion. But intensifying the confusion with unscientific MUSS misinformation often leads to irreversible, body-rending treatments and “sex-change” regret.

good example is “Nathaniel” (last name withheld), who had “bottom surgery” just after his 18th birthday, but nine months later called it a “Frankenstein hack job” and lamented, “I feel as though I have ruined my life.” It’s a common story, and note that the post-operative suicide rate among MUSS individuals is quite high (even in MUSS-friendly Sweden). Those encouraging such confusion thus have blood on their hands — and, sometimes, a lot of money in their pockets. Twisting kids’ minds and bodies can be quite lucrative.

Speaking of mind-bending, there are books featuring child pornography and even sometimes pedophilia available to youths in school libraries, all in the name of advancing the sexual devolutionary (“LGBTQ+”) agenda. This agenda itself is damaging, as telling kids they can embrace whatever sexuality they want shares something with telling them they can be whichever sex they want: It’s harmful, as sin is psychological poison.

Then there’s what rubber-stamping pornography itself can lead to: porn “addiction” — now an issue with children as young as eight. For a glimpse into its effects, read the 2012 article, “How internet porn turned my beautiful boy into a hollow, self-hating shell.” (Yes, dad and mom, it’s okay to say “No!” and unplug the Internet.)

Our sexual devolutionaries insist on taking their child abuse global, too. Just consider, for instance, how the European Union is trying to punish Hungary for instituting its “Anti-Pedophilia Act,” which prohibits the “promotion of homosexuality” or the MUSS agenda to people less than 18 years old. No stone can be left unturned because there could, you know, still be an innocent child somewhere.

Then you can add self-loathing to the lust. Schools far and wide now teach Critical Race Theory, which tells white children they’re inherently racist and flawed; it also tells non-white kids that virtues — those objectively good moral habits necessary to lead a happy, successful life — are “white norms.” So now not only is “acting white” out of bounds for even white youths, but the accusation is no longer just hurled by slacker inner-city kids but by “educators” themselves.

Oh, and to ensure this child abuse will be systemic, the National Association of School Boards and Attorney General Garland now want parents who complain about it (and the sexual-devolutionary agenda) at school-board meetings treated as “domestic terrorists.”

Of course, these are generally the same people who don’t bat an eye at how babies’ body parts are sold for research (or our country’s more than 600,000 yearly abortions). Described as “Nazi-level experiments,” one at the University of Pittsburgh involved grafting babies’ scalps onto lab rats. The Food and Drug Administration ordered babies’ body parts, too, for its humanized mice project — and demanded “fresh and never frozen.”

But while “frozen” may describe these abusers’ hearts, they’ll pretend to care about kids when, oh, let’s say, an opportunity arises to score the Catholic Church over an exaggerated (if not fabricated), 70-year-old accusation. Abusers often pose as their victims’ saviors.

So if you’re looking for a “systemic” problem and a moral crusade, child abuse qualifies. No, talking about it won’t get you million-dollar contracts with “woke” school districts, but it does have a quality “systemic racism” doesn’t.

It’s real.

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