By R. Cort Kirkwood
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The Biden Regime has dumped 160,000 illegal aliens into the heartland since March, and more than 30,000 of the border-jumpers are free to take jobs from Americans.

Documents obtained by Fox News’s Bill Melugin show that Biden has released the illegals with “with little to no oversight, supervision or immediate risk of deportation,” exactly what Biden promised. Worse still, Biden is spreading the possibly diseased immigrants almost everywhere.

Melugin’s mind-boggling breakdown suggests not incompetence, but a designed and assisted invasion meant to flood the country with new Democrat voters.

“Paroled Illegals”

Melugin’s report is based on leaked documents, apparently from a patriot inside the government opposed to Biden’s plan to flood the country with Third World immigrants.

Some of the released illegals are supposed to check in with Immigration and Customs Enforcement; others are “paroled;” i.e., simply freed to steal jobs and commit crimes.

“Since March 20, at least 94,570 illegal immigrants have been released into the U.S. with Notices to Report,” Melguin reported:

Those who receive such a notice are only required to check in with an ICE office when they get to their final destination — which could be anywhere across the country. Those who check in are not deported or detained as their immigration proceedings move forward.

Meanwhile, since Aug 6th, the administration has released roughly 32,000 immigrants into the U.S. via parole — which gives migrants a form of legal status and the ability to apply for work permits.

Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott told Melugin that Biden is abusing his authority to “parole” the illegals.

“By law and regulation a parole shall only be granted on a case by case basis and only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit,” he said. “Neither of these appear to apply to the current situation.”

Scott told Melugin he approved between five and 10 paroles per year.

But Biden has also released 40,000 illegals on their own recognizance since August 6.

“The documents also show that on one single day in Del Rio sector, 128 single adult illegal immigrants were released into the U.S. without [Alternatives to Detention] — which typically includes tracking by an ankle monitor or phone,” Melguin reported:

A Customs and Border Protection (CBP) official told Fox that mechanisms like paroling, the use of NTRs and enrolling migrants in Alternatives to Detention (ATD) “provides mechanisms to require family units released from CBP custody to report to ICE within a specified time.”

The official also cited figures that show that between 2014 and 2020, 81% of those released into the U.S. did report in for their immigration proceedings.…

According to the documents, Rio Grande Valley encountered 5,900 migrants in one week, while Del Rio encountered more than 2,900 in the same period.

The 160,000 illegals released surpasses the population of Paterson, New Jersey.

No Deportations

With this news and 40,000 more Haitians tramping through Mexico for their shot at a job and endless welfare, the order from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas that stopped deportations is even more alarming.

On September 30, he ordered his bureaucrats to “exercise discretion” when deporting an illegal and offered nine “mitigating factors” to avoid doing so. They include:

• advanced or tender age;

• lengthy presence in the United States;

• a mental condition that may have contributed to the criminal conduct, or a physical or mental condition requiring care or treatment;

• status as a victim of crime or victim, witness, or party in legal proceedings;

• the impact of removal on family in the United States, such as loss of provider or caregiver;

• whether the noncitizen may be eligible for humanitarian protection or other immigration relief;

• military or other public service of the noncitizen or their immediate family;

• time since an offense and evidence of rehabilitation; and,

• conviction was vacated or expunged.

“The fact an individual is a removable noncitizen therefore should not alone be the basis of an enforcement action against them,” the visa fraudster wrote. “We will use our discretion and focus our enforcement resources in a more targeted way. Justice and our country’s well-being require it.”

Frighteningly, as The New American reported last month, Mayorkas admitted that 20 percent of the illegals he had loosed upon unsuspecting Americans were sick with the China Virus.

Using Melugin’s numbers, that means Biden and his gang have released 32,000 illegals infected with the Asiatic pathogen.

And that doesn’t count those released with other diseases.

The Cuban immigrant’s order reinforced an earlier don’t-deport-them directive, and what Biden and his anti-American underlings have said since Day 1 of his regime: The borders are open. Illegals are welcome to stay — forever.

Biden’s inviting the invasion was purposeful policy, not incompetence, as some observers say. And that’s called treason.

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