“Unvaccinated people are generating the mutants is an absolute falsehood.” – Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D., Yale Professor of Epidemiology

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Avi Abelow, Founder & CEO of The Pulse of Israel, recently interviewed Yale Epidemiologist Dr. Harvey Risch, MD, Ph.D. He made a stunning claim that completely goes against what the Biden Regime and Big Media have been calling the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated.

Dr. Risch says it’s the complete opposite.


Avi Abelow: For the vaccinated to be afraid of the unvaccinated?

Dr. Harvey Risch: No. I put it the other way around. The unvaccinated should be afraid of the vaccinated. They’re just as infected. In fact, maybe more infected. If vaccinated, people are infected. So it is well known that it is the vaccinated people that generate the mutant strains and not the unvaccinated people. And that has led that corruption of the medical establishment saying that unvaccinated people are generating the mutants is an absolute falsehood. It is exactly the opposite. This has been known for 100 years that it’s vaccinated people who are more prone to generate mutant strains.

The above clip came from this full interview below.


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