By R. Cort Kirkwood
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If parents want to know what might happen to their daughter if her school permits boys to use the girls’ restrooms, look to Loudoun County, Virginia, where a boy brutally raped a 9th grade-girl.

If school administrators want to know what happens when that happens, they too can look to Loudoun County. The girl’s parents will sue the school system.

And the girl’s father, Scott Smith, whom police arrested after a confrontation at a school-board meeting, will contest his convictions at the hands of a woke, leftist prosecutor. During the meeting, Smith fought with police when they unlawfully tried to restrain him.

All in all, it’s not a good look for the county’s wacko wokesters.

Rape and a School-board Tussle

In this case, as The New American reported last week, the boy claimed to be “gender fluid,” an excuse to use the girls’ restroom at Stone Bridge High School. Police have charged him with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.

Though the suspect was supposed to be under house arrest, he returned to school, whereupon he assaulted another girl, police allege. He faces sexual battery and abduction charges in connection with that attack.

Scott described what happened at the school-board meeting in a statement released by his attorneys. School officials hid the assault from the public, and openly lied about it in a meeting. They claimed no assaults had occurred because of the county’s bathroom policy.

“The sexual assault on our daughter and the subsequent sexual assault by the same individual were both predictable and preventable,” he said:

The facts are that a male student claiming to be “gender fluid” was permitted to enter the girls’ bathroom on May 28 and sexually assault our daughter. Making matters worse, the school system repeatedly failed to protect her thereafter. Then, they concealed the sexual assault from the public while considering formalizing a bathroom access policy that would have — and now has — increased the likelihood of sexual assaults like these. As a result, our daughter and our family has suffered, and continue to suffer, from the very real consequences of a policy that endangers the safety of every student.

Scott hadn’t intended to speak at the meeting.

“When the School Board abruptly ended the meeting, I was confronted and taunted by an activist who supports the School Board’s bathroom policy,” Scott said:

The activist was aware of the sexual assault on my daughter and wrongfully assumed I was going to speak. Despite being subjected to this unprovoked confrontation, I was unreasonably restrained by law enforcement, completely violating my constitutional rights.

While some in the media have tried to impugn my character, I am not a domestic terrorist. I am a concerned father who loves his family and will protect them at every turn.

Smith’s fight with cops, of course, went viral. It is among the incidents U.S. Attorney General Merrick used to justify sending the FBI and federal prosecutors after parents who complain to school boards about Critical Race Theory curricula and dangerous bathroom policies.

Smith’s attorney, Bill Stanley, said the county’s bathroom policy “directly resulted in the brutal rape of the Smith’s daughter…. It only takes an instant to see how Loudoun County Schools have adversely affected this family, and have harmed their daughter.”

And no one, he said, has been held accountable.

Stanley said the charges against Scott are “wrong and unconstitutional.”

All of which means the county’s attorneys have their hands full: a girl raped in a bathroom, another assaulted by the same suspect, and the ham-handed arrest of the rape victim’s father.

leftist school board member and top promoter of the transgender madness quit last week under pressure from a parents group.

Teacher Trouble

This isn’t the first trouble for the school system because of its policies on so-called transgenders.

When the schools passed a policy requiring teachers to use the “correct” pronouns and names for “transgender” students, one teacher, Tanner Cross, refused, citing his religious convictions. He would not, he said, lie to his students, or validate a boy’s or girl’s false belief that he or she is the “wrong gender.” The school system suspended him. The Virginia Supreme Court overturned the unjust punishment.

At least one teacher has quit over the policy.

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