Although this title most definitely sounds like an oxymoron, bear with me and read it.

While Leftist/ Progressive/ Globalist Americans are willfully, deliberately, and insanely destroying the American Republic, something amazing is happening across the Atlantic in France.

For decades, the so-called ultra-Right Nazi-type Le Pen’s family Party was supposed to be the one that will someday take over in France.

Of course, the most important issue as far as Le Pens are concerned is Sharia Islam’s taking serious roots in French society, so much so that in many important cities, French people cannot access Muslim-dominated areas.

In about six months, the French presidential primary will be held, and as usual, the two candidates with the most votes will then face off against each other. Until a few months ago, it was assumed that Marine Le Pen would be the candidate for the so-called rightists, fearful of Islamic domination.

The tragedy of Europe is precisely the same as what is transpiring in the USA, where Leftist/ Globalist/ Communists have slowly but almost fully infiltrated and taken over the Media, Academia, Clergy, Politicians, and even the Military.

Like their counterparts in the USA, Leftists are unrepentant and shameless pathological liars who deny the fact that the elephant is filling the room.

That is why, French political leaders and mayors – with support from Democrats – denounced President Trump when he pointed out the obvious – even according to the French Police – that there are numerous Muslim NO GO Zones in many French cities. By the way, they also exist in the UK and many other European states.

A new, very patriotic (Rightist) intelligent, articulate and powerful horse may be contesting the Presidency. Like Trump, he is NOT a politician but an author of Two French bestsellers regarding the state of France at the moment; a talk show host, an essayist, among other qualifications.

His name is Eric Zemmour, who happens to be of Berber Jewish Algerian background.

In a 2011 article, The New York Times described Zemmour as “perhaps France’s best-known professional provocateur, as much adored by the xenophobes of the far-right as he is reviled by immigrants, women, and gays.” He has extensively discussed the Great Replacement conspiracy theory and the Clash of Civilizations, as well as advocated for vast reforms to France’s political system.

Zemmour, who politically self-identifies between Gaullism and Bonapartism, has been considered in the news media as a possible right-wing anti-establishment candidate in the 2022 presidential election. He remains publicly undecided about a run for office.

As always with the despicable rag called the New York Times, it vilifies any person who does not stoop to licking the boots of Leftists, and its descriptions of Zemmour are vile and untrue as I shall prove each and every which one, wrong or false.

Being a Berber Jew makes him more of an Algerian than any Arab Algerian in the world since the Jews of North Africa existed centuries before these states were plundered, taken over, subjugated, and Arabized by the Muslim Arab Imperialists.

Being anti-Islam (the belief system) does NOT make one a provocateur nor a xenophobe. Interestingly, the NYT totally ignores how Islamic Sharia is the antithesis of every known freedom and is the Eternal and Mortal enemy of every human being who is not a Muslim/ Kafir/ Infidel. As far as the NYT is concerned, there are no provocative verses in Muhammad’s Quran, although IQ al Rassooli, for one, can point out 100 of them in seconds.

The Great Replacement Theory is NOT a conspiracy theory because Muslims are taking over Europe through enormous birth rates (Muslim men can marry and seed four wives at a time) plus the flood of illegal invaders changing Franc – demographically – and eventually destructively.

There was never a case of clash of civilization between Islam and others because the barbaric hordes that came out of the Arabian Peninsula in 635AD were illiterate, nomadic, and semi-nomadic tribes that had no civilization.

The conflict between Islam and the rest of humanity is purely religious and has absolutely nothing to do with any other reasons because Muhammad declared total and eternal war 1400 years ago by his followers against all other human beings.

As always with Muslims, they now have two warped reasons to eliminate Zemmour, one because he is a formidably intelligent and articulate Jew and two because he is a patriotic Frenchman who does not want the French Republic to turn into the usual dysfunctional Sharia-compliant cesspool Muslim state.

If enough French people wake up to support him, he can easily win against the spineless and clueless Macron. The question politicians inside and outside France should ponder is:

What will Zemmour do to stem and then reverse the tide of Islam’s aggressive and eventual domination of Europe?

The shocking reality is that to even stem the tide, will require making Sharia illegal, which of course, it should be. This alone can cause the spark of a civil war in France and all over Europe. Unfortunately, Sharia-compliant Muslims, leave the indigenous peoples no other choice, because Sharia-compliant Muslims will never integrate, assimilate or be loyal citizens among the majority populations of Europe whom the Muslims insultingly call Kuffar/ Infidels.

The fate of Europe may be determined by this man; alive or murdered by Muslims. This is why, all efforts by the establishment people – who are in absolute shock that he may win are therefore doing their worst (just as the Media did to Trump) to demonize and destroy Zemmour – are in full swing, even banning him from appearing in the news nightly shows and trying to shut him up by every means possible.

Ladies and gentlemen, always remember that in Muslim countries, no one besides Muslims has equal human rights. Yet, our criminally negligent leaders in both the USA and Europe are not willing to implement the available laws of the land or the Constitution against the most aggressive, despicable, warmongering, hate-mongering, racist, and intolerant belief system of Allah’s demonic Sharia.

How is it conceivable that American Congressional leaders and the Judiciary allow Sharia to take root when Sharia is the nemesis of every article in the US Constitution?

If Zemmour survives to lead France, his actions may inspire all other European leaders to follow suit, including those in the USA and beyond. It’s a story we need to follow very closely.

If Zemmour would be murdered by Muslims, the rage of the French people – not because a Jew was murdered; not at all – but because they at last wake up to the nightmare that Muslims will never allow for a civil debate and the Democratic process to take place. They will at last realise the effrontery, duplicity and intolerance of Islam must never be tolerated.

If a civil war is needed to eradicate Sharia OFF Christian Europe, so be it.

If anyone has a more rational solution, please speak up and share your wisdom with us.

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