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Following the CDC’s approval of the Pfizer COVID shot for children as young as five, some of the nation’s top medical scientists sounded the alarm against a push to vaccinate a cohort which has essentially zero chances of dying from COVID while being at risk of developing severe complications from the vaccine.

On November 9, top medical professionals gathered at the Florida Summit on COVID, a part of the Global COVID Summit, to discuss the latest data on vaccine safety in children, early treatments, and benefits of the natural immunity, as well as authoritarian government overreach in public-health measures.

In short, the summit concluded:

Consensus is clear among MDs and medical PhDs: following 20 months of exhaustive research, millions of patients treated, hundreds of clinical trials performed and scientific data shared worldwide, they conclude that healthy children and COVID recovered should be excluded from vaccine mandates and social restrictions.

During the summit, three key questions about childhood vaccination were addressed, as summarized by TrialSiteNews: (1) Do young children need vaccination against COVID? (2) Are the vaccinations safe? (3) Are unvaccinated children a threat to adults?

The attendees concluded that the government’s near-universal vaccination rush is reckless and unsupported.

Paul Alexander, a clinical epidemiologist and former senior advisor on pandemic policy in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, explained in his speech that thanks to the anatomical specifics of children’s respiratory systems, they are at extremely low risk of getting or spreading the virus while having a “statistical zero” chance of dying from the disease. “Under no condition must a child be vaccinated with these vaccines,” the doctor stated.

Dr. Alexander’s statement is supported by CDC data presented during the FDA hearings on the Pfizer children jab’s safety: As of October 21, COVID-19 death rate in children ages 5-11 represented 0.03 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the United States, 0.008 percent of total COVID-19 cases, and 0.0005 percent of deaths among the entire U.S. population. The age group of 0-17 years made up for 0.0000002 percent deaths by total COVID-19 cases. At the same time, a study of 48,000 COVID-infected children under 18 showed that no deaths were reported among those without serious comorbidities such as cancer, leukemia, or obesity.

“Kids have a fantastic immune system far different than adults,” noted Dr. Ryan Cole, an Idaho pathologist, “Most of them have recovered from COVID already, and they don’t even know it…. That’s another reason you don’t give those vaccines to a COVID-recovered individual.”

Dr. Cole argued that since the spread of the contagious Delta variant, some 60-80 percent of children aged 0-18 have already contracted COVID and developed a natural immunity that is far superior to the immunity produced due to the vaccination.

The risk of infection is extremely low, and the risk of severe reactions to the jabs is disturbingly high, the panelists argued. Inoculating 28 million children five to 11 years old, mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone said, could lead to “a thousand or more excess deaths.” The number might be much higher, since the government does not disclose the full data on the vaccines’ injuries, the doctor added.

The chances of adolescents developing myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, is said to be six-fold higher than them being hospitalized with COVID. While the CDC claims that most of the recorded cases were mild, doctors disagreed and state the condition is quite serious.

The New American reported that in June, the CDC held an emergency meeting about cases of heart inflammation developing in younger recipients after receiving mRNA shots from Pfizer and Moderna. The CDC presentation slides revealed that the risk of young male vaccine recipients (aged 12-29) developing heart inflammation is actually 21 times higher than in their unvaccinated peers. Girls are not spared the risk, either, and they are 5.5 times more likely to get heart problems after receiving a shot. It was argued during the meeting by one of the public speakers that the actual numbers may be three to 14 times higher than what’s been made public to date, since the CDC is withholding VAERS data and delaying publishing adverse-event reports.

“There will be children lost with the vax — far more than ever happened with COVID,” said Dr. Peter McCullough, a widely publicized Texas-based internist, cardiologist, and epidemiologist who advocates for a common-sense approach to COVID. The doctor added that practitioners who promote the vaccination of young children and adolescents are guilty of “willful blindness” to vaccine hazards. Dr. McCullough contended that the official narrative that vaccinating children is needed to protect already-vaccinated adults is “distorted” and “neurotic thinking.”

The most recent studies caused the International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists to add two specific policy points — on children’s vaccinations and natural immunity — to their Declaration.

Specifically, in regard to vaccinating children, the updated Declaration cites the following evidence that supports the Alliance’s recommendations:

  • Healthy children have negligible clinical risks from SARS-CoV-2 infection;
  • The long-term safety data on the current COVID vaccines in children is non-existent. “Without high-powered, reproducible, long term safety data, risks to the long-term health status of children remain too high to support use in healthy children,” the scientists warn.
  • Children are at risk of developing severe adverse events from receiving COVID jabs. According to the Declaration, studies show permanent physical damage to the brain, heart, immune, and reproductive systems in vaccinated people associated with SARS-CoV-2 spike protein-based vaccines.
  • Healthy, unvaccinated children are critical to achieving herd immunity. “Natural immunity is proven to tolerate infection, benefiting community protection while there is insufficient data to assess whether Covid vaccines assist herd immunity,” per the document.

The Declaration contains a list of the official and scientific supportive sources.

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