Virginia:  Hopefully Dracula’s  Mortal Silver Bullet

Although Glenn Youngkin is being lionized and deservedly congratulated for his remarkable success, without reducing his achievement by an iota, I have absolutely no doubt that the deadliest person in this election is his Black Lt Governor Winsome Sears.

He won NOT because Trump supported him; he did not need Trump’s support because his message was music to the ears of ordinary, hardworking, sane Americans. He won because he addressed the issues that were most important to everyday Americans. These issues should be harnessed by every single GOP politician attempting to be elected:

  1. Children’s education must ONLY be decided by the parents who are paying tens of thousands of dollars per year, per child and NOT by any representative of the Federal or State hacks.
  2. Address the causes of Inflation (trillions of dollars that will NOT benefit the American taxpayer, but illegals, the Teachers’ Unions and other Unions)
  3. Securing the border. Already over 2,000,000 undocumented, unsupervised illegals have invaded the USA, spreading diseases; criminals; terrorists and cartel members (because they are not checked)
  4. Make America energy independent again, to reduce the current and near future enormous cost of fuel, because of Biden and Democrats’ total incompetence and disastrous decisions over oil and gas explorations and extraction.
  5. The cost of feeding, housing, translating, health care, education and benefits will be borne by the already addled American taxpayers costing hundreds of billions of dollars that should otherwise be spent on Americans, not illegals
  6. These invaders will impact immediately and in the long run, not the elites who are allowing them in, but Black, Hispanic, Asian and White Americans and their future generations.

Every politician should and must concentrate primarily on these every-day, everyone issues and contrast them with what the Democrats are doing or intending to do, to undermine “We the People”.

Winsome alone represents the worst nightmare of the Democrats’ ‘racist’ mantra thrown at everyone who disagrees with their anti-American sentiments and disastrous ideas.

Winsome Sears, single handedly, utterly destroys Democrats’ publicly declared self-flagellation, that Americans are inherently racist.

Not only is she Black, she is a LEGAL immigrant, who appreciated her new home so much, that as she said “I am willing to DIE for this country”; so she joined the Marines. Her husband also was a Marine.

She is also, the perfect gun toting, fearless female supporting the 2nd Amendment so much so, that she very wisely challenged the brain dead racist sewer mouthed black woman Joy Reid, to a public debate so that Winsome would shred her to oblivion, especially since Winsome is the first Black person to be elected a heartbeat away from being a Governor, in the history of the Virginia Commonwealth, whose White population is 70%.

She should challenge every single one of the ‘holier than thou’ leftist retards – Rachel Maddow, Nicole Wallace, AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc. – who accuse her of anything untrue, to prove to the American people that these Libtards are exactly who and what they are: Intellectually depraved and morally bankrupt, who most probably will NOT accept her challenges, thus proving her correct even without a debate.

The GOP should not celebrate this very important battle as if this is the end game. The Dracula Democrat party which thrives on the spilling of blood, has been seriously wounded but not yet mortally.

The GOP must continue the same thread as if it did not happen, and be energized to such an extent that 2022 will be a bloodbath that will cause the demise of Democrats for at least the next 12 years.

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