Insane Americans: 42%

The sign of stupidity bordering on insanity, is to repeat the exact same failed experiment expecting a different result.

It is inconceivable that 42% of American voters who think that Joe Biden is doing a good job are actually sane, when the disasters and crimes that he and his dysfunctional administration have committed are crystal clear, even to one with two brain cells of logic.

Let me share with the readers the facts and realities that no rational human being can argue with:

It should be by now, perfectly obvious, that Joe Biden’s single purpose as president is NOT to protect and/or defend the Constitution or even “We the People”, but to irrationally, intentionally and with malice aforethought, to utterly destroy or discredit every single achievement of Donald J Trump, irrespective of any and all adverse consequences for his actions, because he is totally consumed by the Trump Derangement Syndrome.

At this moment, Joe Biden, has the lowest respect – internationally – of any American leader for the last 100 years or more.

He and his administration are betraying the American people on all fronts: Security, Financial, Political, Educational, Religious, Social and Military, to the level of deliberate Treason.

1.             As Commander in Chief, he has an Open Borders policy that is effectively undermining the security of all Americans, since among the millions of unchecked illegal invaders entering the USA, there are tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands) of Criminals, Terrorists and drug Cartel members.

2.           According to all the reports from the border police, FBI and Drug officers, the amount of deadly drugs being smuggled into the USA is staggering and will impact tens of millions of young people and children for years to come, creating an ocean of dysfunctional creatures that will completely overwhelm her hospitals and costing hundreds of billions of unnecessary added expenses.

3.           There are not enough law enforcement officers in all the security branches of the USA, able to monitor and control this avalanche, let alone stop it.

4.           I shall repeat this fact a million times if I have to: No nation is sovereign without secure borders. Even in the European Union, many members have woken up – very late – to the fact that the absolute majority of illegals invading Europe – especially the Muslims – will never integrate, assimilate or be loyal citizens in their countries, since Sharia compliant Muslims cannot ever do so.

5.           These Americans who think Biden is doing a good job, could not have spent even one minute, thinking matters out.

Who do they think will be paying for transporting, housing, educating, giving jobs, medical health and financial support for these illegals?

The costs will be in the hundreds of billions of dollars. These 42% morons do not comprehend that it is they who will, with much higher taxes. That these illegals will be competing with them and their future generations, in all of the above.

6.           Why do they think that these illegals should be paid financial compensation to the tune of $1,000,000 per family, while Americans killed in defence of the USA, their families get only $100,000?

7.            They are illegals who should have been either incarcerated or returned to Mexico from which they crossed; but the ACLU sides with the criminals (illegal entry, is a criminal offense) against the US citizens, and they maintain that this is justice?

8.          After all, charity and justice (being concerned with illegals) should begin at home.

How is it rational that illegal invaders have more legal and financial rights than American citizens?

How about taking care of destitute American citizens before paying attention to illegals?

9.           How is it possible that these 42% of voters who still approve of Biden’s job, are comfortable paying higher petrol, energy, food and building materials that have increased sometimes by 30% or more, without impacting their life style? Inflation is now 6.2%, the highest in 30 years and increasing.

10.    Are these 42% of voters so oblivious to all facts and reality, while paying tens of thousands of dollars per child per year, so that Criminal leftist teachers indoctrinate them to hate the very country they live in?


Confuse them about their sexuality, incite them to hate each other racially by deliberately perverting the history of the USA and at the same time deprive them from learning sciences and mathematics?


11.      What will it take to have these 42% of utterly clueless Americans wake up? Will a cataclysmic terror event do so? Will it be when inflation will be twice greater than their increased income? Or will it be when the gas prices are – nationwide – $7 to $10 per gallon?

12.    After all, Donald J Trump made the USA totally independent from any other supplier of oil and gas and the OPEC Cartel and turned the USA into the foremost producer in the world

13.    Was it not enough to wake up even the dead regarding the insanely conducted so called withdrawal from Afghanistan and the totally unnecessary loss of 13 American lives?

14.    How many among the over 100,000 Afghanis brought to the USA are actually embedded terrorists and criminals that no one in this corrupt and incompetent administration has any idea?

15.      Do they not realise that the ‘climate change’ mantra is a total and farcical deception since the world climate has been changing for the last 3 billion years without a single human being contributing to it?


I have absolutely no doubt that humans are negatively impacting Earth, but to blame the recent weather catastrophes on fossil fuel only, is not only untrue but it has not been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Do people not remember that about 20 years ago, the same ‘prophets of doom’ predicted an ‘ice age’ NOT a ‘fiery age’?  Which of course did not happen?

16.    Humans are polluting not only the air, but also rivers, seas, oceans and soil with hundreds of millions of tons of plastics, discarded tyres, batteries, chemicals, oil products and now viruses.


I can add many more items, but the above should be enough to wake even the comatose.


In summation, as you are reading this article, your Traitor –in – Chief Joe Biden and his administration, are adding more destruction to your future because he was and is the most incompetent politician to ever become President.


All his actions add up to treasonous dereliction of duty since he and his Democrat Administration are most assuredly NOT protecting the American people from within or without.


I sincerely hope that those who are reading this article, among the 42% for Biden – as well as those who are yet undecided – will realize, that the best they can do to turn the ship around before crashing into the abyss, is by voting the incompetent cretins out of power in every state of the Union.

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