By Pedro L. Gonzalez
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The Jake Gardner trial preceded the Rittenhouse trial and provided a model for how media and activist pressure can force an outcome. In Gardner’s case, a judge initially refused to file charges against Gardner for killing a BLM agitator in self-defense.

The Tragedy of Jake GardnerWith the Kyle Rittenhouse trial approaching, it’s worth revisiting another all but forgotten incident in which the media and courts lynched a man who defended himself during last year’s BLM riots.

But that judge would not only capitulate to pressure from the public, but he appointed an overtly anti-white special prosecutor to lead a grand jury investigation that, without any new evidence, charged Gardner with four felonies.

Gardner’s parents had to move because all the threats they received. Gardner alone received over 1,600 death threats.

Gardner had attempted to de-escalate the situation, fired two warning shots, tried to retreat, before finally shooting and killing one person in self-defense who was in the process of attacking him. It was all on video. But the mob wanted a white man lynched.

The worst case scenario of a racially motivated lynching in the Rittenhouse trial already happened in the Gardner trial, but it has been memory holed. Nobody in power cares about what happened to Gardner.

The man Gardner shot for attacking him was James Scurlock, an absolute scumbag with a long track record of violent crime. But the media went all in on “white man bad.” I mean it when I say these journalists should be ruined, living among the homeless or in prison.

Kyle Rittenhouse is lucky that everyone who attacked him was white, because that might help him avoid being destroyed like Gardner. But still, what now? What about justice for Gardner?

Even if Rittenhouse goes free, unlike Gardner, the media has already framed that as an injustice. Anything short of ruining Rittenhouse, like Gardner, would be an injustice, one that needs to somehow be rectified. So America basically is home to two legal systems now.

This is true. Although Gardner took literally every effort—even after BLM agitators punched his father and knocked him to the ground—to avoid violence, Gardner’s veteran status helped indict him as a killer-in-waiting. Thanks for your service.

The most important thing is that even if Rittenhouse survives round one, that isn’t really a victory. It’s a respite, which is good, but the system that killed Jake Gardner isn’t going to go away as a result.

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