Drones: Sky Terror

According to the US intelligence services, the potential for major terror incidents are being predicted during the next weeks of High Holidays.

Under the utterly incompetent and treasonous Biden administration, the new ‘woke’ US intelligence services are more concerned about American terrorists than Muslim ones.

Have they informed comatose Biden about this matter? If they are truly concerned about the safety of Americans, why then are all of them colluding with the Biden Democrat administration in helping flood and distribute undocumented and unchecked illegals from Muslim countries who will most definitely become either active terrorists or ones who will aid and abet the active ones?

Is it not the ultimate level of hypocrisy and duplicity that the Biden administration is more concerned about the sanctity of the borders of Poland, Ukraine, Hungary, Belarus and Russia than the open borders of the USA?

After 10 months of Biden, I am NOT anymore shocked about how degraded America has become, not only Socially, but Morally, Financially, Militarily, Ethnically, Racially and Educationally. This represents the fastest fall of grace of any country in history.

Although I am not a religious person, I have come to the conclusion, based entirely upon the history of this once great Republic, that by wilfully abandoning God; God has abandoned Americans.

While on the one hand, all the intelligence services of the USA cannot point to more than a few acts of terror by domestic white terrorists, on the other hand, every single erroneously called ‘lone wolf’ attack against Americans and Europeans while shouting the terror verse of ‘Allahu Akbar’ is committed by a fundamentalist, Sharia compliant Muslim, justifying his/her deed by reciting verses from Muhammad’s Quran.

Some U.S. government agencies have outlined the threat from domestic extremists, though most have not provided recent data about terrorist incidents.

In its Homeland Threat Assessment released in October 2020, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security concluded that “racially and ethnically motivated violent extremists—specifically white supremacist extremists (WSEs)—will remain the most persistent and lethal threat in the Homeland.”3 The report also assessed that anarchists and other individuals inspired by anti-government and anti-authority ideologies posed a threat. But it did not provide 2020 data

The Federal Bureau of Investigation similarly argued that the “top threat we face from domestic violent extremists” is from racially- and ethnically-motivated violent extremists, including white supremacists.4 Nevertheless, FBI officials have not publicly released their data, making it difficult for U.S. civilians to judge the degree and type of threat.

While the anti-terror reports are obsessed with White Supremacists, the intelligence services are deliberately not telling the American people about acts of terror; prevented or intended ones – being perpetrated almost daily in many cities in the USA by BLM; Antifa or Muslims.

One can Google for detailed information, but none exist.

In the meantime, no one among the leaders of the intelligence services is even mentioning, that the most lethal and efficient mass murder weapon in the hands of 21st century terrorists and criminals are weaponized drones.

They are easy to assemble and very cheap to purchase. Also, they are almost impossible to detect because they fly way below current radars.

Furthermore, there is no nation on Earth at the moment which has the technology to destroy them in self-defence. Therefore, no target is safe, such as airports, industrial facilities, nuclear power stations, and any other target chosen by the criminal.

What is most relevant is deniability by every terrorist government – such as the Ayatollahs of Iran – who actually supply these drones to their proxy terrorists such as the Houthis of Yemen, Hezbollah of Lebanon, Hamas of Gaza, Al Fatah in Iraq and others in Syria.

Wherever Iran has proxies, these nations suffer financial decline, total lack of freedom, atrocities against all news-people or any individual that tells the truth about Iran’s meddling in their countries.

In fact, all governments around the world should declare drones as lethal weapons and all manufacturers should provide each of their drones with a DIN number (Drone Identification Number) – just like for guns and vehicles.

Suppliers of drones, whether online or direct purchase, should thoroughly check the background of the purchaser just as they do with guns, and when a drone is sold, it must be with DIN number.

There are currently not enough security people in the USA to monitor, prevent or protect Americans from terrorists, foreign or domestic because all of the USA is now compromised, since terrorists are already within its borders with the open arms of Biden, his administration, politicians and even the military who are supposed to protect its borders.

As I had repeatedly and very carefully informed Americans in the last two years especially, the next terror attack will dwarf 911 by several magnitudes. Hopefully, I shall be proven wrong.

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