Shameful how the blacks community continues to be exploited by BLM, Benjamin Crump, Al Sharpton, the Black Congressional Congress, the DCCC, Planned Parenthood and the media.
Kyle Rittenhouse was assaulted by three white guys and kicked in the head by one black guy. He used self defense to defend himself against the threat and use of lethal force against him.
The black community rioted and burned down buildings in support of a criminal, who had RAPED the mother of the two children he was KIDNAPPING , resisted arrest and was REACHING FOR AND PICKED UP A KNIFE TO KILL POLICE OFFICERS when he was shot. HE WAS NOT UNARMED. HE WAS NOT KILLED. HE WAS IN THE ACT OF MULTIPLE FELONIES AND HAD COMMMITED A FELONY ASSAULT.
Black and white DOMESTIC TERRORISTS burned down Kenosha WI and destroyed businesses and injured innocent people. Kyle Rittenhouse who lived part time in Kenosha was there by invitation to defend and offer aide to a community he cared about.
Once again the agitators are trying to create a dangerous scene to protest a righteous Judicial ruling by lying to the BLACK COMMUNITY. They won’t do anything about the actual that is happening. They do nothing to restore families or provide job training. They do nothing to stop the drugs, prostitution, gangs, pimps, criminal extortion of politicians and lawlessness. Instead they raise and control billions of dollars which line their pockets. Like the leader of BLM buying multimillion dollar homes and Maxine Waters living in a mansion nowhere near her actual district.
Five criminals in the commission of criminal acts caused Kenosha to go up in flames and two lost their lives in the act of criminal behavior.
Justice was done in the trial pf Kyle Rittenhouse and everyone wins when justice prevails. The liars want us to believe two innocent people died. Let them have their fantasy and say it doesn’t matter what they did in their past. They died in the act of assault with appearance of lethal intent and let’s be clear they made contact or pointed a weapon at Kyle. Had they lived charges would/should have been filed and they would be in jail. As it is the assailant that pointed the gun should be in jail, as should the prosecutor who committed prosecutorial malfeasance.
Sadly the facts will be blurred and until Kenosha goes up in flames the extortionists and liars and instigators won’t be happy and neither will their masters.
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