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One of the reasons anabolic steroids are illegal in sports is that they greatly increase users’ chances of developing health problems and of premature death. Thus have we long known that manipulating your body’s hormones is to play with fire. Nonetheless, children who believe they’re “stuck in the body of the wrong sex” have often been treated with puberty blockers. But now, a report out of Sweden indicates that such kids are often being severely and permanently damaged by this radical intervention.

As SVT reports (auto-translated and edited for grammar, style, and understandability):

In May 2021, Karolinska University Hospital decided to stop new hormone treatments for children and young people in trans care. Via new guidelines, the hospital stated that the treatments are controversial, that there is a lack of scientific support and that there is a risk of potential side effects.

But while Karolinska references “potential side effects,” there actually have already been such cases in its own operations….

In total, there have been 13 cases in Stockholm where children have had serious side effects and medical injuries.

Risks of long-term treatment

“Leo” was 10 years old when [she] told [her] parents that [she] was a boy — and eleven when the doctors at Astrid Lindgren’s children’s hospital start giving [her] so-called stop hormones, which pause puberty.

[Her] mother Natalie says that Leo has previously injured [her]self and isolated [her]self at home. After starting treatment, [she] felt better, but that soon changed.

[She] felt so bad that [she] tried to commit suicide on several occasions. We did not understand; we thought our child would feel better from the treatment, says Natalie.

Over time, Leo also began complaining of back pain.

When we asked from time to time how [her] back felt, [she] said “I have pain all the time.”

Note that Sweden is possibly the West’s most liberal country, so it’s significant when one of its major hospitals halts pediatric Made-up Sexual Status (MUSS or “transgender”) treatment.

It sure took long enough, however. Breitbart reports that as with COVID-19 “vaccine”-coincident complications, Karolinska doctors have long been aware of the puberty-blocker-induced problems — but they weren’t reported till just last week.

Breitbart also relates that

Karolinska chief physician and pediatric doctor Ricard Nergårdh commented on the use of hormone blockers saying: “It’s chemical castration. It can affect mental health in a way that you didn’t think of and didn’t want….

According to SVT, hormone blockers have affected other children in different ways, including one child who suffered liver damage, while another had been found to have reduced bone density after two years of treatment.

Several others were diagnosed with mental health issues, including thoughts of self-harm and suicide, while others simply regretted being put on the drugs after developing irreversible side effects from the hormone therapy, such as vocal changes.

… The hospital is known as being the first in Sweden to offer gender identity assessments for children and had previously defended gender surgeries, including the removal of a 14-year-old’s breasts.

Breitbart then presents the following related tweet.

I’ve previously reported on the many but roundly ignored MUSS individuals, including youths, who experience “sex-change regret.” Their plight is no surprise, either. As Dr. Paul McHugh, former chief of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Hospital and distinguished service professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University, explained in “Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme,” when “the tumult and shouting dies [sic], it proves not easy nor wise to live in a counterfeit sexual garb.”

“The most thorough follow-up of sex-reassigned people — extending over thirty years and conducted in Sweden, where the culture is strongly supportive of the transgendered — documents their lifelong mental unrest,” he continued. “Ten to fifteen years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who had undergone sex-reassignment surgery rose to twenty times that of comparable peers’” (emphasis added).

This also is no surprise, as the MUSS agenda is wholly unscientific and seeks to treat a psychological problem with a biological “solution.” MUSS-advocating health “professionals” may deny this, but their own diagnostic methods attest to its truth.

Note that “gender dysphoria” — colloquially put, the sense that you’re stuck in the body of the wrong sex — is diagnosed by way of feelings, and feelings alone. There is no blood or genetic test or brain scan, no physiological marker at all, used to identify it as a biological reality. As I often point out, it’s as if a cardiologist refused to perform medical tests and diagnosed you as having heart disease merely because you insisted, “Doc, I have strong and persistent feelings that I have an ill ticker! Cut my chest open and perform a bypass!”

Doing so would make the physician vulnerable to a major malpractice lawsuit. We should wonder, too, when these MUSS-enabling doctors will be likewise sued. It’s surprising it’s not a trend already as they’ve long been hurting people with scientifically baseless prescriptions and, as the American College of Pediatricians essentially stated in 2016, are guilty of child abuse.

In reality, I use the MUSS acronym because since there’s no such thing as “transitioning” — unless it’s from physically healthy to scarred — there’s also no such thing as “transgender.” It’s akin to supposing that someone who claims to have become an animal is “trans-species.”

And, no, this analogy wasn’t pulled from thin air. Note that just as psychologists speak of “gender dysphoria,” they also define a condition called “species dysphoria.” Perhaps related to this, we heard about “Nano,” the woman who claimed she was a cat; and “Wolfie Blackheart,” who swore she was a canine. Don’t laugh, if you believe a boy can become a girl. For species dysphoric individuals are diagnosed in precisely the same way: feelings — not physical reality.

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