Democrats’ Horrendous Nightmare: Winsome Sears


After the civil war, the Democrat Party was able to continue enslaving Black Americans on the plantation, Financially, Intellectually and Educationally.

The tragedy is the fact that most Black Americans are not even willing to get off this humiliating servitude, for whatever reasons one can mention, because reality dictates that, contrary to all the false propaganda and lies emanating from the Democrat Party and their stooges in the media, the Republicans offer a much better dignified and rewarding future, as Donald J Trump was able to achieve in his 4 years, against all odds.

The democrat Party only exists through dividing Americans and pitting them one against the other, racially, ethnically, socially, educationally and financially; otherwise, they would not exist.

Tragically, between 38-42% of Americans are too dumb or undereducated to realise this, hence they continue supporting the very politicians who never want them to wake up.

Therefore, when any Black American, declares publicly that he/she is out of the Plantation, all the Democrat elite and their lock step criminally negligent main line media stooges, start vilifying, demonizing and de humanizing them to shut them up because such Blacks are proving their agenda, not only false, but totally anti-American.

This is exactly why, the Democrats and their Fascist supporters in the Media, Social platforms and Academia are insanely accusing a patriotic marine Black woman, Winsome Earle Sears, the newly elected Lt Governor of Virginia of being a slave and a stooge of white supremacists; because without their eternal and false race card, moron Democrats have absolutely no other weapon to use.

While the media keep calling the Virginia voters racist – the Democrats’ one and only Go To card – they are deliberately and with malice aforethought not pointing out, is that Winsome Sears is a Black Republican who is winning Virginia’s lieutenant governor’s race – the first woman of colour to win this particular office in the state’s history in what used to be a Blue state.

Befitting her name Winsome, which means delightful, appealing and engaging, she displayed all of these lovely characteristics in her humble and very patriotic acceptance speech.


Unlike many utterly useless, spineless and ingrate Black leaders, she did not whine about her blackness nor bite the hand that feeds her. On the contrary, she stood up ramrod tall, self-assured, self- made no holds barred legal immigrant, who was so grateful for America allowing her to get to such a high level in politics, in spite of all the Democrats’ and leftists’ asinine declarations that America is systemically racist.

No other political entity on Earth would ever declare its nation (no matter how truly racist it may be) that it is a racist country. Only the despicable Democrats, who have neither love nor any appreciation of what was – until Biden and Democrats took over – an incredibly successful Constitutional Republic.

When I listen and look at her gutless and ingrate Black detractors – especially the venomous female ones – and compare their looks and assess their contributions to America, I have to shake my head at 38-42% of braindead Americans who watch their programs that allow them to be paid millions of dollars per annum when they are not competent to clean the toilets at Penn Station.

So let me compare backgrounds to prove my premise.

Winsome Sears represents the quintessential American success story. She was born into poverty in Kingston, Jamaica. When she was six her family emigrated to the US. Her father arrived with only $1.75 in his pocket. The family settled in The Bronx, NY.

Rather than complaining and whining about his low financial situation and being actually disadvantaged and turning his circumstances into a crutch, he instead, encompassed the American Dream. He believed strongly in education and self- reliance as a means to lift oneself up. He worked at a succession of menial jobs while continuing his education. He passed these attributes on to Winsome. She attended community college, then earned a BA in English with a minor in economics from Old Dominion University and an MA in organizational leadership from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA.

Winsome Sears is the Democrats’ worst nemesis. She contradicts and negates their core belief, namely that people of colour are born victims. They are victims of a racist White society. They are born oppressed and are destined to remain oppressed. Being a black woman and an immigrant she negates the Dems’ “go-to” criticism of any successful GOP politician. They cannot credibly call her a racist, a misogynist, anti-immigrant or a white supremacist; because she is after all, all of them combined.

Let us examine Joy Reid. Remarkably, although her parents were also immigrants – Her father was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and her mother a college professor and nutritionist from Guyana. Her father was an engineer who was mostly absent from the family; her parents eventually divorced and her father returned to the Congo.

She grew up as a very bitter and racist woman against the USA, no matter what jobs she took. Her understanding of America and Americans is the exact opposite of those of Winsome.  She is so bitter that Winsome is a Black Republican, like the actual racist and coward that she really is, she accused Winsome of being a slave to Whites. But a marine like Winsome came back with the ultimate challenge “Are you woman enough to debate me in public?” I do not think we should hold our breath waiting for an answer.

Another race baiter is Jemele Hill, born in the USA from Black American citizens. She too uses the race card, at every possible occasion against White Americans. Both Joy & Jemele carry their burdensome chip on their shoulders all their life, while Winsome is free from their mental shackles and therefore excels exceptionally and more constructively.

These two despicable racist cretins, represent fully the Democrat warped and totally irrational mind-set, that Americans are systemically racist, although it was the majority of White ‘racist’ Americans who helped elect the Black traitor in chief, Barack Hussein Obama, twice to the presidency.

What happened in Virginia should be copied by Americans in every state in the Union. This is the first glimmer of hope that “We the People” are at last waking up to the fact that the survival of the Republic rests entirely with their votes to remove as many corrupt and unpatriotic politicians, governors and mayors as possible in 2022.

Another ray of hope has been the recent Kyle Rittenhouse trial when the mostly White jurors – in spite of all the threats against them – exonerated the young man of ALL counts of murdering two and wounding one white felons – not Black -who were attempting to harm him, as an act of self-defence, as the trial truly proved.

Kyle’s lawyers should now go after every single one of the media platforms and talk show hosts, individually and collectively, who are on the record publicly lynching him even before there was a trial and against the Constitutional legal requirement of ‘presumption of innocence until found guilty’.

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