European  Awakening: Stopping Islamic Invasion


For the first time since Germany’s Angela Merkel opened the European Union’s borders welcoming millions of illegals – mostly young Muslim able bodied men of military age – to actually invade Europe in 2015; the same European Union is now supporting Poland’s unquestioningly correct stance to stop its borders from being violated by illegals, Muslims or others.  

For decades, the leftist European leaders, allowed their countries to be flooded by preponderantly Sharia compliant Muslims who will never Assimilate, Integrate or be Loyal citizens among non Muslims/ Kuffar/Infidels because their Allah’s Sharia forbids them from doing so.

These leaders deliberately, stupidly and without any regards for their own indigenous peoples, ignored the fact, that these invaders have to be housed, educated, financed, given work and taken care of medically, all at the expense of their own citizens costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

They also deliberately hushed up the reality that especially the Muslims, have been creating Muslim Sharia No Entry areas within the European cities that not even their own police can go in, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will never integrate.

Ironically, this reversal of fortune was deliberately and with malice aforethought orchestrated by the dictator of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, in retaliation for sanctions imposed upon him by the EU because he blatantly stole the recent elections in Belarus.

With the help of the Turkish dictator, Recipe Erdogan, he allowed illegals of all stripes to fly legally to Belarus – paying tens of thousands of dollars for visas, flights and accommodation. Upon arriving in Belarus, they were deliberately bussed to the borders of Poland, Latvia and Lithuania so that they would cross with impunity into these countries.

He obviously – as it has turned out now – miscalculated enormously because the Polish government and people refused adamantly, any intrusion by anyone across their sovereign borders.

The Polish army put up barbed wire defences all along the border with military back up. It is important to bring these facts to the attention of Americans especially – where the Traitor-in-Chief Biden – is allowing millions of unchecked and undocumented invaders to violate her borders with total impunity, thus exposing Americans to certain future acts of terror that will dwarf 911.

The term invaders, is perfectly appropriate considering the fact that these illegals used violence against the Polish border guards to force entry. They are trying to cross the Polish border against the will of its government and people. These are acts of war by any definition.

At last, more and more European leaders – especially those from the previous Soviet Union such as Hungary and Poland – are waking up to the reality that these invaders, especially the Sharia compliant Muslims, will never Integrate, Assimilate or be Loyal citizens among the Kuffar/Infidel/none Muslim of the Christian European hosts.

For the first time, the EU with all its differences with Poland and Hungary, rushed to protect Poland’s borders against Belarus. This is Civilizational Jihad or Stealth Jihad at its very best.

For the first time, hopefully, enough leaders are coming to the crystal clear reality that these illegals are literally replacing the indigenous Europeans thus accelerating the destruction of Christian Western Civilization.

Aleksandr Lukashenko’s attempt to blackmail the Europeans has now backfired very badly, pitting both Western and Eastern Europeans against him. He is now stuck with thousands of very desperate and violent illegals, most of them Muslims, inside Belarus with nowhere to go, lacking amenities, shelter, medication, etc. He now has an extremely explosive situation in Belarus that will require a lot of clear thinking to avoid an explosion or even war.

After all, he is trying to destabilise the bordering nations of Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania and Latvia, which if push comes to shove can invade Belarus – with the help of other concerned members of the EU – in retaliation.

He is trying to use emotional pictures of starving and freezing illegals to change the mind of the Europeans but this is too little too late because these illegals were deliberately and with total lack of humanity invited by Aleksandr Lukashenko, to use as human bargaining chips against the Europeans. They are his problem and Belarus alone must deal with them.

Hopefully, these events will lead all other European nations especially France, Britain, Italy, Greece and Spain to stop most if not yet all illegals invading Europe, using their armed and naval forces to do so.

Americans should keep their eyes on Europe so that America will not add to its own destruction unlimited illegals invading her. It is up to “We the People” to rise up – using e mails, demonstrations, twitter etc. threatening their removal from office –  of every single politician, academic, cleric or news media personnel who stupidly advocate Open Borders.

As I have repeatedly asserted that “When there is a will, there is always, a way”

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