My name is Greg Young, I am an ordained minister, and I am known as Pastor Greg through my radio show Chosen Generation Radio. I created the radio show in September of 2012. This is not a preaching show as I felt God calling me to do something different. There are three main issues that He gave me to address, Islam, Secular Humanism and the Homosexual Agenda. The show is conversational interviews focused on the issues of the day and with a biblical worldview. I began on a small station in Kerrville Texas. I have had the show on in Philadelphia and Southern California. I am currently syndicated through AM/FM247 and Wilkins Radio Network along with airing on several independent stations and WWCR short wave radio. I am also on Red State the number on line radio network and I am listed in the Top 100 Conservative Radio Hosts in America according to Top Talk Radio. That is by the way a non paid listing.
I have owned or managed a variety of businesses over the last 39 years. I started in management right out of High School. My first management was in retail warehouse and then in restaurant. I also served in the United States Air Force as a Russian Linguist during the cold war in the early 80’s. I owned a subrogation company for seven years which recovered on damage claims for car rental companies, insurance companies and TPA’s domestically and internationally. During that time I owned a Christian Record label and worked with several companies represented at the Gospel Music Alliance (GMA’s) that put on the Dove awards in Nashville and I successfully syndicated a radio show called “A Dose of the Ghost” on Citadel , Clear Channel and some independent stations through ZEO Radio Networks. I also owned a private investigation firm and a business management firm and a recording studio. 911 severely damaged my primary business and an associate’s last minute appendicitis ended my record labels opportunity to go national. The later great Record Executive Russ Regan had signed on to help me when the financing fell through due to an associate having an emergency appendicitis the night before we were all to meet in Nashville.

I have been married since 1986 and we have five children, three grown, one of whom is married and is an Executive with ATT, one lives in Hollywood and has her own production company, a personal band and does some artist management and one who is in Missionary training with YWAM in preparation for going overseas. We have a daughter finishing High School which we homeschool. Our youngest had a stroke at birth and has some special needs but God has proven the doctors wrong and he is doing great.

I was in a catastrophic car accident in July of 2017 where I broke everything but my shoulders, elbows and right hip. I spent six weeks in ICU on life support, died a total of four times, had seventeen surgeries in the first five days and I was given a 2% chance to survive. God is great and I am alive and getting well. I am currently in a wheel chair learning about that new paradigm, but I continue to broadcast and make a difference or so I am told. I suffered these injuries diving from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat to save my then 15 year old daughters life when a man pulled across the highway in front of us when we were doing 55 MPH. You can read the story and see some pictures here

We moved to Texas from Modesto California. We were asked to take the original Church assignment by God and Pastor John Hollar of John Hollar Ministries and a Professor at CFNI, whom I have known for over 30 years. I started a church in California in 2006 in my living room. Back in 2002 I had a subrogation company that was severely impacted by the events of 9-11. We did damage recovery work for Car rental companies and Insurance companies. The business had a very successful run and we were doing business with Fortune 50 companies and had grown to 65 employees. In the summer of 2001 I was approached by a man, Joe Mines, who wanted to get a book published for Dr E V Hill. Dr Hill had up to that point never published a book, though he was a well-known preacher and teacher. We contacted Moody Press with the idea and they were interested in the book. Then Joe suggested that we use Wendall St Clair to assist with the book. Wendell was saved through Aimee Simple Mcpherson’s church in Los Angeles and had written for Oral Roberts in the 50’s. We hired Wendell and he and Joe put the book together and I paid the bills. I received half of the upfront money for my investment. There was a young man, Tony Tubera, in my church that had a gift in the area of Holy Hip Hop. I took those funds and invested in a recording studio. We produced a CD and were looking for ways to promote the music when the local radio station KWIN/KWNN in Stockton was having a fundraising effort to send kids to camp. I purchased time on the station so we could play this music. We could not think of a better venue than the number one hip hop station in the market. I had originally only booked two hours, but ended up on air for six hours that weekend. The response to the music and the conversation we had on air was incredible. The phone lines were lit up during the whole time we were on the air. That next week the Program Director John Christian, who is now my brother and a very dear friend, contacted my office to set up a meeting. He approached me about doing a daily piece. It was going to be similar to “Father Harry and the God squad” from the 70’s. I told him I would think about it and get back to him after a business trip I had planned. In February of 2002 I had been hired to help manage a young protégé named Christopher Ballard. He had played the violin at President Bush’s inauguration in January and was playing at a pre Grammy event honoring a classical musician. During that visit I was introduced to a man named Russ Regan. After returning from the business trip I met with John again. He said that the idea had changed a bit and they wanted to offer me a one hour show every Sunday. He also invited me to lunch with he and his wife. On the way to lunch we were talking about his career and he mentioned a behind the scenes music guy who had started the careers of Elton John, Neil Diamond, Olivia Newton-John and named the Beach Boys. I asked him who that was and he said, “You would not know him.” I asked him to try me and it turned out to be Russ Regan. He could not believe that I knew Russ and when I showed him Russ’s information in my PDA, he was blown away. I know it was God who brought that all together. That led to me doing the radio show, which was called “A Dose of the Ghost”. The show started in June of 2002. In April of 2003 the show got syndicated through ZEO Radio Networks. In November of 2002 I had to shut down the subrogation business and laid off the 65 employees. This began another interesting chapter as I soon developed pericarditis, then had to have umbilical hernia surgery, then gall bladder surgery, which led to a liver infection, which led to severe pain, shingles, pleurisy, pneumonia, and then adrenal gland failure and endocrine system failure. All this while trying to keep the show on the air and figure out what was next. In April of 2004 I was gray from head to toe with green and yellow highlights on my glands. The doctors had given up and sent me home with little hope of survival. The radio show had opened a door for television and I had been appearing on a local TV show called the Eleventh Hour. Because I had become so sick I had not been able to do that for a while but had maintained the relationship with Sandy Swanson the Executive Producer. One morning the Holy Spirit told me to get up and go see her. I was so sick that my wife asked what I was doing. I told her and she said how will you even drive there. She had to take the kids to school and go to work and I was spending most of my time in bed. I made it to the studio and Sandy saw me. She said I looked like death warmed over. She knew a woman that practiced natural medicine and referred me to her. A little history here would make sense. In November of 2002 I had gone on a mission’s trip to Lagos Nigeria. During that trip I had the privilege of attending the Foursquare Churches national convention held at the National Stadium in Lagos Nigeria. I was traveling with Drs.Greg and Cyndi Romine and a small team. During the closing program for the convention Dr. Greg had been asked to speak on healing. The Nigerian people have such great faith in Jesus and in His miraculous power. Faith is all that they have and they use their faith to survive. After Dr. Greg finished speaking he invited those who wanted to be prayed for for healing to come down on to the stadium grass. The team then stood in front of the stage and waited as the stadium crowd poured out onto the grass. There was an estimated attendance of 30,000 people. As the people came I extended my hand to pray for them as they came. We were there as points of contact to agree with the people for Jesus to heal them. In the crowd there was a woman whose eyes were completely whited over. She was being led in the crowd and came toward me. I held out my hand and she walked into my hand and I laid it upon her eyes. She then fell backward on to the grass. As she got back up her eyes were no longer white but were blue and she had pupils. She hugged me and ran back into the crowd. It was amazing! God had healed her in Jesus name. On that trip I had a dream, in the dream I was in a parlor and there was a woman there whom I had not met. She said she could help me and that she had helped many others. It was a dream within a dream. When I awoke I did not really understand it. Now we must go back to Sandy Swanson and the woman she referred me to. Her name is Kathy Flood and I had never met her. When I first went to see her she did the preliminary exam. She called in her daughter Tiffany and they asked me a very serious question. They said we can help you but do you want to live? At this point it was apparent because of the business closure that we were going to have to sell our home. My health was failing and I was emotionally, mentally and physically drained. I had told God that if it was time for me to go I was ready. It was not a cop out I was just at my end and I knew I was in serious trouble with my health. I had several million in life insurance because of the business and if something happened to me I knew my family would be taken care of. I was not mad at God, I just had become so sick that I was not even able to feel any emotions. When Kathy and her daughter asked me if I wanted to live I had to think a moment. After going to another building on their property and spending some time in prayer I came back into her office. At that point I realized that she was the one that had been in the dream God had given me in 2002. I began to get better and in 2006 after a number of requests from listeners of the show we started a small home study. One of the more amazing things that happened there was being used by God to save a life. In 2008 my friend Mike who just visited Bandera had recently started coming to the church with his family. He had invited some people from the church to his house and one of those who came was a woman who was having a real problem with some counsel I had given her. While she was at Mike’s she was saying a lot of terrible things about me and basically cursing me with death. A few hours after she left my family and I dropped by. Not very long after our arrival I went into the kitchen and Mike and his wife served me a plate of food. Before I could eat anything the spirit that the woman had released with her words started to try to choke me out. Mike was fairly new to the church but had watched us lay hands to pray for people and so he went to pray for me. As soon as he did that spirit that was attacking me turned and attacked him. He staggered backwards and collapsed on the floor of his kitchen. I heard the Holy Spirit say to get up and pray for Mike as he is no longer with you. I was still trying to recover myself and there was a real sense of urgency about the Holy Spirit’s request. I got up and went to where Mike was lying. His two daughters, 12 and 5, were bent over him along with his wife and some friends. They were unsure what was really wrong. When I placed my hand on his chest I felt nothing. No heartbeat, no breathing and he felt cold. I began to pray silently not wanting to alarm his family and believing that God was going to intervene. In moments like this there is no real grasp of time. It seemed to take a while and suddenly he gasped for air. When he did he looked at me and I knew that what I thought had happened had actually happened. We did not say anything at that moment so as not to scare the kids. Two weeks later Mike shared the story in church and his mom was much shaken. See I did not know it at the time but Mike had drowned as an infant and been resuscitated and also been electrocuted as a young man. Since that time we had a woman healed from a brain tumor, another woman healed of breast cancer, another woman healed of macular degeneration, a broken bone in a boys arm healed and several more miracles. When we came here to Bandera in January I was really just coming to help Pastor John for a week and then go home to California. We had purchased a bus conversion and were planning to leave and travel. Several miracles happened during those meetings as well. When we left here were trapped in Las Cruces New Mexico because the bus broke down in Anthony, Texas and we were towed to the nearest shop. The Monday after our breakdown is when the terrible winter storm hit the US. On consecutive nights it was 3 degrees, -5 degrees and 1 degree. The water pipes in the bus froze as did the pump. It was 38 degrees inside the bus with the heaters on and we suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning as the fumes from the generator were trapped by the cold under the bus. I was updating on my Facebook throughout our trip and my friend John Christian had been watching the updates. A picture I took of a water jug that had frozen on the inside of the bus prompted him to call me and his friend Damien who is the music director at KHQT-FM (Hot 103) in Las Cruces. He connected us with his grandma who housed us for five days while we waited out the storm and waited for the part. When we finally got back to California Pastor John asked if we would consider a move to Bandera. So we sold all we had left that would not fit in a 6 X12 UHAUL and moved to Bandera Texas.
On growing up, name one lesson you were taught as a child that sticks with you today

As a young person I was on the verge of suicide when I was thirteen years old. My dad had a very abusive childhood and he passed on the emotional abuse to me. At that time I was introduced to Jesus Christ through the ministry of Maria Anne Hirschman, Hansi. She had been an orphan taken into one of Hitlers Youth schools and came to know Jesus after fleeing the Russians after WWII. Her story of a God who gave her value resonated with me and I gave my life to Jesus. As a young man I then remember many speakers coming to our youth group at First Covenant Church in Oakland, California. I remember wishing that I might have a testimony of what Jesus did for me. I had no idea then what I was asking for. The journey has been amazing. What I take from that is that we each have a testimony that God has given us to use for His purpose. Our testimony is what builds us and what strengthens our faith. And we all have great value to God so much so that He sent His Son to die to prove it.

Name one mentor and one way he/she has affected you:

I have been blessed to have some wonderful people in my life. I have received some very timely council on numerous occasions, but the one with whom I have spent the most time and who I have learned to listen to is the Holy Spirit. There is no other with whom I have had more conversations and that have shaped me then learning to listen to that still small voice. My understanding of life and the scriptures. All of my successes and the lessons learned in my failures are all directly linked to the influence that the Holy Spirit has had in my life.

What words best describe you?

Peculiar. The bible says that God’s people are peculiar. I love people and I love to share what God has done in my life. I spent twenty two years in business management, as a front line manager, Executive and as a business owner. During that time God opened many doors and I was able to use those opportunities to share my faith and the love of God. I remember sitting with my son in front of our house in California. At the time he was 12 years old and we were talking about the future. My health was beginning to be challenged and I had to close my business in November of 2002 because of the effects of 9/11. As we sat there he said to me, “Dad do you realize that everything that you said God was going to do for you He has done?” I was startled. He continued,”You said you would have a business and travel all over the world, that you were going to be on TV and that you would have a radio show.” “God has done all that He has said He would do.” My life has been one that has been directed by God. I have had great abundance and have suffered in great poverty. I hope there is enough evidence that if I were on trial I could be convicted of being a Christian in the realest and truest biblical sense of the word.

What hobbies do you have?


What was your first job out of college?

I have been working since I was thirteen years old. I have worked in restaurant, was in the Air Force, retail sales, advertising, collections, Private investigator, intellectual property security, music and radio. With each opportunity I was blessed to have successes and to learn life lessons. The biggest lesson I learned is the value of relationships and the value of people. Never promise what you can’t deliver and never deliver less than what you have promised. Communication is the key to success.

What do you like most about your job?

I love to watch people truly encounter Jesus Christ and watch their expression as they have that encounter. I am always awed by God as He touches a person and they have a look of amazement on their faces. I imagine Paul on the road to Damascus when he encountered Jesus and it changed His life. The gift God has given me is to pray for people and that by faith they experience that kind of encounter. I want to see Christians activated in using their light to change the world in every way. Whether it is running for an office or just being an exhorter on the job or impacting the next generation with the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Taking the message out of the church building and into the community, the state and the Nation. Only a return to God can save America stop the inanity.

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