Happy Thanksgiving!

So as a proud American and Christian I want to wish you a great and happy and fulfilling Thanksgiving Day celebration with your families and friends. Below please enjoy a timeless presentation of the truth about the real Thanksgiving history. 

New study from Germany confirms higher vax coverage –> higher excess mortality by Steve Kirsch www.vacsafety.org

Excess mortality can be found in all 16 countries. The number of Covid deaths reported by the RKI in the period under review consistently only represents a relatively small part of the excess mortality and above all cannot explain the critical issue:

The higher the vaccination rate, the higher the excess mortality.

The most direct explanation is:
・ Complete vaccination increases the likelihood of death.

Justice finally won but instigators still want to burn down a city By Pastor Greg

The black community rioted and burned down buildings in support of a criminal, who had RAPED the mother of the two children he was KIDNAPPING , resisted arrest and was REACHING FOR AND PICKED UP A KNIFE TO KILL POLICE OFFICERS when he was shot. HE WAS NOT UNARMED. HE WAS NOT KILLED. HE WAS IN THE ACT OF MULTIPLE FELONIES AND HAD COMMMITED A FELONY ASSAULT.
Black and white DOMESTIC TERRORISTS burned down Kenosha WI and destroyed businesses and injured innocent people. Kyle Rittenhouse who lived part time in Kenosha was there by invitation to defend and offer aide to a community he cared about.

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