As always at America Out Loud, we do our utmost to share with our audience the truth of events NOT the mendacious emanating from the mouths of Biden, his WH spokespersons, the toilet papers so called ‘newspapers’ such as the Washington Post and the New York Times or the gutter snipes of the main media.

Both these ‘newspapers’ demonized Muhammad bin Salman (MbS) as the one who directly ordered the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, whom they put on a pedestal as an incredible unbiased reporter who became a victim of Saudi terrorism.

Not once did these toilet rolls tell the American people, that Khashoggi was a foremost supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mortal and Eternal enemies of all human beings who are NOT Muslims, especially ‘the great Satan’, USA.

If there is any success from Biden’s tour of the Middle East, it only derives from the fact that it was president Donald J Trump who built the foundations of the Abraham Accords on the 13th August 2020, upon which Biden is regaling his mythical successes.

First and foremost, the Abraham Accords would not have been achieved without the consent of (MbS), with whom Trump had very good respect and rapport.

Before Biden’s ‘historic’ direct flight from Israel’s Ben Gurion to Saudi Arabia’s Jedda, president Trump flew directly from Jedda to Israel on 22nd May 2017.

Furthermore, since the Abraham Accords, MbS has allowed Israel’s air carrier El Al, to fly from India directly to UAE or Bahrain using Saudi air corridors.

Most relevant of all, Israeli-Saudi relations were and are secretly continuing without American interference because both are existentially threatened by Iran’s proxy terrorists of Houthis in Yemen; Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) in Syria, al Kataib in Iraq to name a few.

Hence Biden’s grovelling to the terrorist Ayatollahs – whose human rights and mass murder records make the murder of Khashoggi totally insignificant in magnitude – is both treasonous as well as beneath contempt, since there is not a single advantage to either the USA or to her supporters in the Middle East. On the contrary, it is a blatant abdication of American sovereignty to the will of the Mullahs of Iran.

As far as I am concerned, the only rational way to explain Biden’s ungodly obsession with terminating all Fossil Fuel extraction in the USA is because, in his totally warped mind, he will be saving the Earth from the alleged Climate Change.

It is fascinating that it was a Saudi who has clearly summed up Biden’s trip with the following:

Prince Turki al Faisal, who previously served as the kingdom’s ambassador to the U.S., told CNBC on Friday.

“President Biden, in my view, he’s coming as a much diminished president than when he was first elected”

“As an example, on energy issues, he came in with a policy to stop completely fossil fuel usage not only in the United States, but worldwide, and now he is finding himself having to rely on fossil fuels as a means of meeting the energy shortage that has come about, not only because of the Ukraine war, but also because of U.S. policy itself that shut down pipelines and stopped issuing of, you know, discovery of oil on U.S. soil”

No matter how Biden has tried to spin his mostly failed trip, OPEC will decide what level of production they will make with the connivance of Russia. They will not do anything to support Biden.

Question: How is Biden – in his warped mind – differentiating between millions of barrels of oil extracted by Arabia will impact Climate Change differently than if they were produced by the USA?

Not a single member in the news media, congress or so-called experts has directly asked him or his invariably clueless spokes persons, this simple question.

Besides the usual speeches that presidents always make while visiting Israel but not once – excluding Donald J Trump – ever following in action, Biden was no different.

What was abundantly missing from his meeting with MbS was the total lack of any mention associating Israeli-Saudi rapprochement being connected to the establishment of a Palestinian State beforehand (although the current king Salman has always insisted on this).

I shall repeat again so that our readers are well informed, almost all of the Gulf Arabs, including Saudi Arabia have given up on the intransigence, total corruption, treacherousness and utter stupidity of the Palestinian leaders who never ‘miss a chance to miss a chance’ to make peace with Israel.

Do I have to remind Americans, that when the twin towers were destroyed in 2001 by Muslim terrorist, the so-called Palestinians celebrated the death of 3000 American with unbridled jubilation and showers of sweets?

These were and are the same people who have been receiving hundreds of millions of dollars from American taxpayers to keep them alive but, have remained as the most well-fed ingrate terrorists for the last 74 years and continuing.

1400 years ago, Muhammad bin Abd Allah, the mentor of Islam, created a mythical ‘religion’ called Islam by Plagiarising, Pirating, Plundering and or Perverting verses from the Hebrew Bible, New Testament and Apocrypha to single handily concoct his Quran.

In spite of the fact that there is not a single mention of Jerusalem anywhere in all of the Muslim scripture (Quran and Hadith), the ‘Palestinians’ have incredibly succeeded in concocting their own contorted and mythical version of the history of the Holy Land to which hundreds of millions of so-called Christians (including all their leaders) have been duped to believe in without questioning.

When Jesus was crucified, the Romans put a titulus INRI, the initials for Latin (Iēsus Nazarēnus, Rēx Iūdaeōrum) meaning “Jesus the Nazarene, King of the Jews” According to John 19:20, this was written in three languages, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek.

These initials were used by the Romans to humiliate and insult the Jews of the province of Judea, that they, the Romans, are so powerful that they had executed the king of the Jews, with impunity.

Please note, that the words Palestine or Palestinian do not appear anywhere in the story of Jesus, no matter how the Muslims and some of their ‘Christian’ supporters claim otherwise.

Contrary to all Islamic falsehoods regarding the Jews, Israel and the Holy Land, not a single Muslim scholar, Imam, Mullah or leader of Islam would bring the following Quran verses to the attention of the world lest it completely obliterates their mendacious claims to the Holy Land

Al Maida, 5.21: “My people (Moses addressing the Israelites)! Enter the Holy Land (al arth al muqddasata) which Allah has destined for you (kataba Allahu lakum) ˹to enter˺. And do not turn back or else you will become losers.”

The above verse is crystal clear that Allah had (kataba; actually means inscribed) the Holy Land to the Israelites and their descendants.

Bani Isra’il 17.105: “After him, We (Allah) said to the Children of Israel, ‘Dwell ye in the land; and when the time of the promise of the latter days comes, We shall bring you together out of various peoples.’

Actually, the promised in-gathering mentioned in the Quran, has already transpired since the creation of the State of Israel 74 years ago.

Tragically, while the Arabs have come to the correct conclusions, the European Union leaders and the State Department keep dealing with the mythical ‘Palestinians’ as if they were an equal and valid freedom loving state.

No one in Congress or the media, has had the backbone to ask Rashida Tlaib (the so called Palestinian-American) to name one single king of her mythical Palestine in the last 6000 years of recorded history, and thus put her claims – once and for all time – in the dustbin of history where they belong.

I shall repeat again my numerous predictions – both on talk shows and printed articles – that Biden, Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg and the Democrat party, are leading the American people to an absolute apocalyptic energy disaster, in the next few months, without a single back up system, and no one in Congress or the media is doing anything to stop them.