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Biden: Fossil Fuels & OPEC

As always at America Out Loud, we do our utmost to share with our audience the truth of events NOT the mendacious emanating from the mouths of Biden, his WH spokespersons, the toilet papers so called ‘newspapers’ such as the...

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Quo Vadis America?

The Latin phrase Quo Vadis denotes an episode from the life of Saint Peter, as told in the New Testament Apocrypha and the ‘Golden Legend’. Peter fled from Rome during the persecution of Christians under the emperor...

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Can Any Muslim be a Loyal Citizen?

Can Any Muslim be a Loyal Citizen? To start with, please be aware that Muslims abhor and are terrified of the TRUTH. They always call persons who reveal the facts about their Islam as Islamophobes, Racists or Bigots when in fact...

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Biden’s Peaceful Islam Delusion

Biden’s Peaceful Islam Delusion The tragedy of the West and especially Christianity is the fact that the absolute majority of their leaders (Clergy, Media, Academics and Politicians) are totally delusional when addressing Islam...

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Prophet of Doom

Al Rassooli: Prophet of Doom This article intends to predict the shocking outcome of the worst administration in the history of the Republic so that readers will reflect upon their voting in the future. I may repeat several...

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