Al Rassooli: Prophet of Doom

This article intends to predict the shocking outcome of the worst administration in the history of the Republic so that readers will reflect upon their voting in the future.

I may repeat several comments, points of view and or predictions I had made previously – each of which were and are otherwise crystal clear – because, on America Out Loud, we shall forever counter the incessant lies, deceptions and dis-information peddled by the Democrats and their stooges in the Fake Media and the tyrannical Social Platforms.

Once more I ask the simplest question: How was it possible for a clearly mental retard such was Joe Biden, to garner 81,000,000 votes when the most popular president, Barrack Hussein Obama got only 69,000,000? I leave the answer to the readers to decide.

There are at least two and one half more years to go before the tragicomedy of the Biden-Harris administration ends. By the time they are gone – and based entirely upon their misdeeds so far – they would have accomplished the following:

  1. The Middle Class would be reduced to poverty due to rampant inflation. The very “We the People” whom they should have protected.
  2. Undermining the security of American citizens due to allowing its borders to be invaded by illegals and undesirables and thus overwhelming the legal, judicial, medical, educational and security services.
  3. The same will negatively impact the American health services; the Education System; the Justice System and Social Services.
  4. On top of inflation, taxes will have to be raised upon the already burdened hard working American citizens to pay for taking care of and protecting the illegals that this administration cares more about, above and beyond their concern for Americans.
  5. Biden’s Build Back Better is a total illusion because to achieve his mythical goals, trillions of fictional dollars – existing only in cyberspace – have to be printed, thus adding to the horrendous burden being bequeathed for future generations to service the interest on the debt.
  6. Biden’s administration is literally putting the survival ofall Americans at risk by ignoring the reality that fossil fuels are essential for their existence until such time that alternative so-called ‘Green Energy’ is on line.

Biden and his misfits are literally gambling with the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans by betting only on Green Energy without any back up plan if this fails. This is exactly why, they are not willing to use American oil and gas to alleviate the prices at the pump.

Their agenda is to bankrupt Americans who use cars; but in reality, they are destroying the very source that keeps America alive and functioning. Clueless Biden and Buttigieg will be very happy when the price of fuel hits $10 a gallon.

  1. Biden and the Democrats have blatantly turned their back on the very people who brought them to power. They are for defunding the police thus allowing crime to increase.
  2. They have put District Attorneys and leftist judges who are more concerned for protecting the criminalsand not the victims.
  3. They distract Americans by declaring that ‘White supremacists’ are a greater threat than Antifa & BLM, who were actually burning and looting cities with impunity.
  4. The numbers of homeless people in Democrat run cities are a disgrace for America and Americans and in many of these cities businesses and citizens are moving to other more secure states not runby Democrats.
  5. On top of all the above despicable failures by this administration, the fall out – because of Biden’s obvious mental and decision weaknesses – America’s enemies are having a field day.
  6. The disgraceful debacle that was Afghanistan was totally avoidable had Biden listened-  even to his woke – military advisors. As former defence secretary Robert Gates very clearly and correctly stated

“I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”

  1. The Ukraine war was totally avoidable had Biden not needed to distract American voters from his abysmal failures since the day he moved into the White House. For 30 years, Putin has been warning the West not to encroach upon the borders of the Russian Federation by allowing previous Soviet Union states to become part of the NATO military alliance. Tragically, Biden and Democrats goaded Zelensky to defy Russia.
  2. Had president Zelensky of Ukraine declared publicly that Ukraine had no intention of joining NATO, the invasion would have been avoided. Unfortunately, wisdom was not applied in this case thus creating a catastrophic war situation that is becoming more deadly and more unpredictable by the day.
  3. While Biden’s attention is more about protecting the borders of Ukraine 5000+ miles away – while ignoring the borders of the USA – China is flexing her muscles in Africa, the Pacific, the Middle East and even in Europe with Serbia. I shall repeat as many times as I can, that as President and Commander in Chief, Biden is a traitor for not protecting America’s borders who should be impeached and if found guilty duly judged.
  4. By the time this administration is gone, the USA would have lost many of her allies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and especially the Middle East. Most of these allies are gravitating towards China and Russia or are attempting to become self-sufficient militarily through alignments with like-minded neighbouring states. Several are also intending to go Nuclear. Biden has opened ‘Pandora’s Box’.
  5. Now that the US military brass have not only gone ‘woke’ but also transgender and transvestite, her enemies around the world are shaking with laughter not fear.

So much so, that even the Saudis made an SNL video of Kamala Harris propping up Biden while he is giving a talk. The sketch perfectly depicted Biden’s speech and behaviour. This is a level of disrespect never before achieved.

By the time of the 2024 election, the America that existed for 242 years will cease to be the same. It would have been degraded economically, militarily, politically, socially and ‘democratically’ into a Banana Republic not much different from many in Latin America.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong on all counts because it would be worth it, since I love the Exceptional American Republic and wish America and Americans a much better future.