The Latin phrase Quo Vadis denotes an episode from the life of Saint Peter, as told in the New Testament Apocrypha and the ‘Golden Legend’. Peter fled from Rome during the persecution of Christians under the emperor Nero; as he was travelling along the Appian Way he met Christ in a vision and asked him “Quo Vadis?”; “Where are you going”?

This should be the most important rhetorical question asked about the path America is being led to, by every American above the age of 9 years.

As the outsider looking in, it saddens and shocks me enormously that within less than two years, Biden and the regressive Democrats have been able to turn the USA from a powerful, respected, militarily, economically and energy independent dynamic nation into a militarily, economically and energy dependent, weak and disrespected nation.

Whether or not the election was stolen has become irrelevant to the facts on the ground, that every single item that Biden was trying to pay attention to has turned into a disaster, due to his total lack of cognitive reasoning and the insanity of his advisors and assistants starting with the utterly failed vice president, Kamala Harris.

I refrain from once again listing all the failures of Biden in the last 18 months and counting. Each and every single one of them should by now be obvious to any fair minded and decent American, with more than two brain cells of logic.

Because of the incredible lack of both vision and sagacity among the leftist Democrats, their repeated and disastrous failures are now alienating even their base voters among Latinos, Asians and Blacks, who were always taken for granted, as the backbone voters of the party.

For the first time in 150 years, the Democrats lost this seat in Texas to Republicans. For the first time ever, a Mexican born American has been elected to congress. Rep.-Elect Mayra Flores (R-TX) argued Democrats have “walked away from the Hispanic community. They’ve gone so far left, and they don’t represent our values.” And “completely abandoned us and took us for granted. They feel entitled to our vote. And they feel they don’t really have to work for it.”

She continued “People always ask me, Mayra, how can you be a Republican [when] you were born in Mexico? And that’s — that clearly shows me that they know nothing about our culture. I was raised with strong conservative values. We’re all about faith and family and hard work. That’s who we are. So, our values do really align with the Republican Party”

This Democrat “walked away” also pertains to Blacks, Asians and Whites since ALL of them are now suffering from rampant inflation, increased rents, lower income, totally failed promises and facing a bleak and uncertain future.

Americans excel under strong and forward looking optimistic leaders. Since Biden and his administration are obscenely incompetent and mendacious, ordinary folks can neither trust them nor see any light at the end of Biden’s depressingly long tunnel.

Biden and his stooges in the Fake Media and Democrat Party are doing their worst to change the narrative by attempting to deflect Biden’s egregious leadership, blaming on all “others” but Biden. Recent elections are indicating –hopefully – that as weeks are passing, more and more voters are refusing to buy the blame stories since they are recognizing the disasters are totally Biden’s, as President and alleged Commander-in-Chief.

Quo Vadis America? Has to be decided by American voters heading for the November 2022 elections based on the simplest of decision makings:

Are American voters better off under Biden than they were two years earlier?

Case closed.