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And, it can’t be stopped.  Patrick Henry said in his “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ speech at the Second Virginia Revolutionary Convention meeting at St. John’s Church, Richmond, March 23, 1775, “I have but one lamp by which my feet are guided and that is the lamp of experience.”

Americans either didn’t listen back in 2005 right up to the collapse in 2008, or didn’t understand the problem – and neither did most of the corrupt scoundrels in Congress:  “No one knows what to do. We are in new territory here. This is a different game. We’re not here playing soccer, basketball or football, this is a new game and we’re going to have to figure out how to do it.” Now deceased, Sen. Harry Reid [D-NV], September 17, 2008

Joe Manchin was the news last week when he reached a deal to further RAPE the American people with more debt in cahoots with career crook, Chuckie Schumer [D-NY] regarding the globalist robber baron’s bill.  Biden is in the first stages of Altzheimer’s disease so you can forget anything coming out of his mouth as coming from any original thought.  At this point in time, Biden can’t even read the teleprompters, tries to shake hands with someone not there, needs to be led off a stage and is simply mentally gone.  Not to mention his repeated “positive” COVID tests.

As a matter of fact, someone sent me a TikTok segment of a radio interview I found quite interesting:  The next president without casting a vote.

Hypothesis: Gavin Newsom, protected (allegedly he beat the recall) political royalty and tyrant California governor was at the White House on July 12th for a ‘series of meetings’ as reported by Breitbart.  Those big money interests who control the Democrat/Communist Party USA know Kamala Harris is as popular as a rectal exam.  She’s not only ignorant on any issue, her cackling at the worst moments during public appearances is as grading as the other cackling hen, Hildebeast Clinton.  No one – except ignorant, stupid females who are equally as dumb – want Harris in the Offal Office.

So, what do the globalists pulling strings of the marionettes do?  The gentleman giving the interview (whose name I didn’t hear) brings up Newsom’s visit to the WH.  Need to get rid of the Kamel, offer her a train load of money and some prestigious position someplace else, good bye, Harris.  (My note: Assuming she’s her normal greedy self and the quietly “it’s in your best interests if you want to take your next breath”, Harris is gone.)  Puppet Biden appoints Newsom as VP.

After that, and who knows the timeline, but one might conclude before January, though many think something will happen right after the November selections (er, elections), old Uncle Joe has to tell the nation that for the good of America, he has to step down.  Newsom goes into the WH without a single vote being cast and the DemonRats would then have their 2024 candidate to promote.  Makes perfect sense to me but we’ll just have to see how the real power behind the curtain play this one out.

Let me ask you a question:  If your checkbook was overdrawn $31 TRILLION dollars – all borrowed debt, how is it you can then write a check for $880 BILLION dollars that will all be borrowed from the unconstitutional, privately owned “Federal” Reserve and America’s biggest enemy:  Communist China?

Bidenomics: Joe Biden Says Latest $700 Billion Green New Deal Spending Spree will “Reduce” Deficit, July 28,  2022

Of course, Biden was lying even though he has no idea what’s going on because such a statement is idiocy.  Climate change, formerly global warming, is one of the most horrendous lies ever sold to the people on this planet.

Lawmakers react after Manchin, Schumer agree to reconciliation deal: ‘Build Back Broke’, July 27, 2022 – “Democrats have already crushed American families with historic inflation. Now they want to pile on giant tax hikes that will hammer workers and kill many thousands of American jobs. First they killed your family’s budget. Now they want to kill your job too,” McConnell wrote.”

What the DemonRats will do is raise taxes choking the middle class even worse and this so- called spending will end up being the same as we’ve seen in the past:  A GIGANTIC WASTE OF MONEY THAT DISPPEARS INTO BLACK HOLES.  How many of these so-called renewable energy companies funded during dirty traitor, Hussein Obama’s illegitimate occupation of the Offal Office went bankrupt?  Too many, but just use a search engine.

Democrats Unveil Plan to Raise Taxes As Economy Slips Into Recession, July 29, 2022

Tax the rich who create jobs will cause unemployment something that’s never wandered into AOC’s minimal brain power.  The article above vomits about all the wonderful borrowed money that will go towards fighting the fictional climate change hoax – a plan hatched by the Communist International to kill capitalism.  Jeri Lynn Ball, 2000excerpt from her book, Masters of Seduction – Beguiling Americans Into Slavery and Self-destruction:

“At the Sixth Party Congress held in Moscow in 1928, Communists wrote and approved “The Program” to bring in the New World Order. What most Americans don’t know is the real nature of this diabolical criminal scheme. The Program of the Third International called for a global environmental program and for the transformation of all human beings on earth to accept the New World Order. These and other facts are brought to light by General Benton Partin in his videotape, Globalism: The Program.[1] The Communists planned to use the global environmental program as a means of eradicating national sovereignty and creating a world dictatorship.

“All nations, nationalities, and national boundaries were to be replaced by an omnipotent, one-world government and regional governances. The Communists did not want the American approach to liberty, with individual God-given rights protected by a government with limited powers. The Communists did not want the American concept of rule of law.

“They wanted unrestrained despotic government, power without limit, a world without laws—a brutal, terror-inspiring global totalitarian police state which could smash all laws of justice, launch campaigns of enslavement and mass murder, and eliminate opponents of the New World Order. Twenty delegates from the U.S. voted for the 1928 Program of the Third International.”  Jeri is a deep researcher although I don’t know what she does today as few were interested in her research back then.  The World Economic Forum WEF is implementing the plan full time and in YOUR face.   World Economic Forum Annual Meeting – List of Confirmed Public Figures

Of course, when the new second quarter numbers came out last week, oh my God! we are heading for a recession!  Why, all the ‘experts’ inside the beltway, gas bags on the boob tube and Internet are saying it now as if the American people – you know, the peasants who actually have to do their own grocery shopping and put gas in their car – haven’t been struggling badly for most of 2022.  Americans are now resorting to using their savings, retirement accounts and credit cards just to buy food.

Fed rate hike to unleash AVALANCHE of home foreclosures and market drops while still doing little to halt skyrocketing INFLATION, July 28, 2022 – “According to’s reporting on the Black Knight Mortgage Monitor Report, us foreclosure “starts” (i.e. new foreclosures) have risen 440% from last year (June 2022 vs June 2021). July numbers aren’t yet reported, but it is near certain they will also show large increases in foreclosures.” We aren’t alone:  Following Sri Lanka, Panama becomes next nation to collapse amid global recessionary pressures and unrelenting inflation, July 29, 2022

Treasonous Biden and the Green Agenda is Shipping Gas OUT of the United States – War on the American People, July 26, 2022 //  219 Dems Vote to Allow US Oil Reserves to Be Sold to China

The cancer wasn’t cut out in 2008 and now it’s going to kill us just as it did the PIGS countries back then only this time, what’s being called the Greatest Depression in the history of the world, cannot be stopped.  All by design by some of the most evil people on this planet.

What continues to get over looked – except by those who understand the money issue – is the head of the beast which causes inflation, depressions, recessions, hyperinflation, stagnation – the “Fed”.  The magical money machine now backed into a corner with incompetent Jerome Powell at the control panel.

The ballistic missile already launched can’t be stopped, it will only explode and We the People are going to suffer far beyond what happened in 2008.  I know all about stress.  I know this truth can cause depression for Americans.  Americans were broadsided in 2007 which finally blew up in late August 2008.  Hopefully, the information in this column will help in getting people informed so they can make the right financial decisions – especially business owners – so everyone isn’t caught off guard again and thrown into financial ruin.

In 2007, former Congressman Ron Paul introduced a bill to kill the cancer:  H.R. 2755 (110th): Federal Reserve Board Abolition Act. “To abolish the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System and the Federal reserve banks, to repeal the Federal Reserve Act, and for other purposes.”  NOT ONE CO-SPONSOR. 

Why?  Because without the endless printing of worthless currency, the ignorant, the crooks and whores in Congress would not be able to continue borrowing for massive unconstitutional spending and endless wars of carnage and suffering.  Using debt to create more spending debt and all of us, including our children and grandchildren will remain slaves to the banking cartels, but disaster is already hitting:

The State Of The US Consumer: AT&T Crashes As Americans Can’t Afford To Pay Their Phone Bills, July 21, 2022 // REAL GDP SAYS: “Get Real! Trust not the Fed, economists or the president. The REAL economy is collapsing all around you!”

There are certain individuals I’ve been following for decades who actually know and fully understand what happens when you debase the currency, the death to a country using fiat currency, world markets and so on.  Every morning I hit on King World News as they have some of the very best, most experienced individuals who’ve been in the financial world for decades and most importantly:  Spot on regarding trends and the economy.

Even though the giant red flags were being waved in front of the American people back in 2006, because our economy is so huge, it took nearly two years for the explosion.  Well, conditions today are even more dire due to the COVID tyranny shutting down states and destroying businesses.

Below is a collection from Egon von Greyerz who knows this issue inside and out; he’s been so accurate over the decades.  Yes, it is a lot of reading but your future and everything you’ve ever worked for is on the line and that’s not hyperbole.  Many of them are audio interviews so you can listen on whatever devices you use.

King World News:  “The man who has become legendary for his predictions on QE and historic moves in currencies and metals told King World News that people need to prepare themselves because this global crisis is going to get much worse than what we’re seeing today.”

Greyerz – Get Prepared For The Greatest Crisis In History That Is About To Be Unleashed, Oct. 31, 2021 – “Let’s start with the Head of the Fed Powell:  “We need to watch and watch carefully and see if the economy is evolving consistent with our expectations and adapt policy accordingly.”

“Hmmm!!! The Fed’s official expectations have consistently been wrong for at least 34 years since Greenspan became chairman. They have never forecast any major event and not even minor ones. They have never seen a crash coming and have always waited with any action until well after the event.

“And once they take action, they will always overreact and stimulate the economy with free money and low interest rates even though it has no effect in the end. But it will have consequences, and dramatic ones since the explosion of the massive bubble they now create will lead to an implosion for the world economy…”

Greyerz – BUCKLE UP: This Global Crisis Is Going To Get Much Worse Than What We’re Seeing Today, Oct. 17, 2021 (And he was right as usual.)  //  Greyerz – The World Has Now Entered The First Of Four Major Phases Of Chaos And Financial Destruction, Dec. 19, 2021

Greyerz Just Warned We Are Entering A Global Depression And The Real Inflation Rate Is 20%-30%, May 21, 2022  //  Greyerz – We Are Witnessing The Bursting Of A $3 Quadrillion Global Bubble, May 29, 2022

Greyerz – We Are Headed Into Final Collapse Ludwig Von Mises Warned Us Would Take Place, July 11, 2022  //  Fund Managers Worried About 2008-Style Collapse. Greyerz Warns Damage To Global Financial System Can No Longer Be Concealed, July 19, 2022

Dr. Edwin Vieira, Ph.D., J.D., has written so many columns on the disabilities of our currency (which the traitorous scum out there want to replace with digital currency).  I’ve selected a few that I feel are absolutely critical in understanding why the Greatest Depression (greatest meaning in scope) is underway.  It’s been building a long time while the bought and paid for crooks in Congress, instead of cutting out the cancer, have allowed this cancer to bring us to the brink of absolute financial ruin.  It won’t be long before raw reality drowns the American people.

The DemonRats – especially with this new bill just passed and now endorsed by another sell-out, Joe Manchin – are simply repeating what FDR did and the end result will be the same.  This is an absolute must read – not by Edwin, but I must include it:  Great Myths of the Great Depression, by Lawrence Reed

In each of Dr. Edwin Vieira’s columns below he explains not only the problem with fiat currency, but the only solution left because it will NEVER come from Congress.  He starts in 2009 when the national debt bubble was $11.9 TRILLION. Today thanks to massive, unconstitutional spending by both parties it is $31 TRILLION.  The only reason the whole rotten scheme of the robber barons hasn’t exploded before now is the “Fed” continuing to print worthless paper.  Well, world-wide, the banking cartels and the corrupt who keep them going know the gig is about up.

A “Missouri Plan” to Contract the Debt Bubble, Jan. 12, 2009 //  A Cross of Gold, May 10, 2011 //  The U.S. Monetary System and Descent Into Fascism, Aug. 2, 2011  – “The beauty of the constitutional system is, we have these intermediate political bodies called the state governments that have certain reserved constitutional authority.”  // A Cross of Debt, Feb. 10, 2012 and this one:  A Monetary Litmus Test for Mr. Trump, Jan. 10, 2017

Now, you might think since some of those columns/articles are dated they’re not what’s happening now. Oh, but they are and the only option left is what Edwin wrote regarding states of the Union and sound money.  There is no other solution because of the grotesque corrupt gaggle of politicians infesting Congress in both parties.

Efforts to enact into law sound money policy in many states has been going on for decades as elected members of state legislatures have either turned a blind eye or passed watered down bills.  They’re all going to regret not protecting their state and people.  Here in Texas we have the Texas Gold Depository:  Texas Demands Gold from Fed, March 28, 2013 //  The Texas Bullion Depository has been operating for several years now for both state and private gold storage.

But, nothing has been done for when the roof finally crashes on the state capitol to save the massive suffering which will accompany it.  Yes, Texas is flush with cash because of the huge number of people who’ve located here, but when that “cash” is worth a penny on the dollar, well, look out.  Weimar Regime (Germany), Venezuela.

Many ask me how much time before it gets really bad?  Some believe it will only take a real jolt of some kind and boom! or going into first quarter of next year it’s going to be VERY ugly.  America’s middle class and lower economic rung are already in dire straits.  Please share this column so we can get as many Americans to understand they’re being lied to about “a recession” is this or that or it isn’t happening and all the other lies.

Note: For a thorough, comprehensive education on the Fed, the income tax, education, Medicare, SS, the critical, fraudulent ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and more, be sure to order my book by calling 800-955-0116 or click the link, “Taking Politics Out of Solutions“. 400 pages of facts and solutions. [Order two books and save $10.00. Give one to a friend or relative]

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Footnote [1] Video presentation by my dear friend who went to Heaven on Dec. 20, 2019, Brigadier General (Ret.) Ben Partin at an event I put on in No. Calif., in 1998 when Larry Becraft and I had the Wallace Institute.  Well worth watching.  While Ben discusses OKC & WACO, he also discusses world communism and their plan.  Ben’s bio.