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Keith Weiner, founder and CEO of the investment firm Monetary Metals, highlighted the current risks of the banking system and advised “Liberty and Finance” host Dunagun Kaiser as well as the viewers to unlock the productivity of gold in finance.

“We’re trying to provide a graceful transition as the dollar is failing. That should be pretty clear,” he said. “We’re trying to help the world find a graceful transition to the only monetary system and we do that by bringing gold back to finance production.”

Weiner’s website stated that this precious metal should once again serve to finance productive enterprises and extinguish debts. “The dollar performs one of these functions, but not the other. Bitcoin cannot finance anything, as no business can borrow a currency that’s expected to go up a hundred times. Gold is the one thing that fills both roles, par excellence.”

During the show, Weiner said that the price of gold was going “gangbusters” after the year 2000 and people have pointed to money printing, interest hikes and inflation causing the collapsing economy. (Related: Gold demand surges in first quarter.)

“This may have inverted as well. People turn to gold because they’re not getting a fair deal on the interest rate and their perception of what interest they want is not just affected by consumer prices, but also their perception of risk in the banking system,” he said.

“It seems like it’s a pretty good deal to go buy some gold coins and stash them away somewhere. So I think there’s just going to be relentless pressure for providing gold in this environment. There is a lot of buying of gold but what needs to be satisfied at the same time. There’s relentless selling pressure from a completely different cohort.”

Weiner wants to bring gold back into use in finance

Weiner further explained that historically, gold was always used in finance. But it was killed by President Theodore Roosevelt in 1933 when he ordered all gold coins and certificates in denominations of more than $100 turned in for other money. It also required all persons to deliver all gold coins, bullion and certificates owned by them to the federal reserve.

According to Weiner, his mission is to bring gold back into use in finance, which means that “we pay interest on gold in gold.” He added that gold isn’t subject to the Fed’s “debasement games.”

“So we’re giving savers a means to plan for the big long-term goals such as retirement. We’re doing this for the purpose of bringing gold back into the system as a monetary asset and ultimately as a monetary system,” he said.

Digging further into the topic, Kaiser asked the monetary metal expert: “If I own a number of ounces of gold that I keep in the vault, and for example I am leasing it to one of your parties. How does that actually work from an economic standpoint?”

Weiner explained: “For the party that’s financing themselves in gold, you buy a kilo bar of raw material, which has four nines bar of gold and you put it through your production process. At the end of the day, you produce a kilo of unfinished gold earrings or whatever gold by-product. However, this process takes a couple of weeks. So every day you’re buying a fresh kilo and it goes through your entire process and all you can do is wait.

“In the end, once your pipeline is full, you’ll sell the kilo of finished goods. And we have to finance that somehow. So if you borrow a million dollars for 14 kilos of gold and due to some other factors, the price of gold drops by 10 percent, you will have $900,000 asset. But you still have a million-dollar liability. You’re insolvent.

“But if you are just leasing the gold from us, not only is it cheaper – it’s also a simpler, more user-friendly finance solution for you, versus borrowing dollars.”

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