Fewer marriages and babies and family-owned homes means more restless and dissatisfied people, the Fox News host said.

By Emily Mangiaracina
Article Source

FOX News host Tucker Carlson asserted Tuesday that America’s “manufactured” economic disaster is being used to discourage families from having children, which in turn makes people more “dissatisfied” and “easier to control.”

To show that Americans are in fact actively being discouraged from having kids, Carlson highlighted a clip, aired in wake of Roe v. Wade’s reversalin which MSNBC argued that having babies is detrimental to the country because it is economically “devastating.”

“What does it cost to have a baby? On your body, on your livelihood, and not just you, but your states in this country?” MSNBC host Katy Tur asked in the clip.

The conclusion, shared by NBC News reporter Jo Ling Kent, was that “many economists and social scientists are telling us that the economic consequences of abortion restrictions are devastating for both individuals and wider society.”

This is because, Kent said, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, “At the national level, state level abortion restrictions cost $105 billion per year because basically it reduces the labor force participation rate … and drives down earning power.”

The effective incentive not to have kids now, Carlson explained, is that inflation is so bad that everything is becoming unaffordably expensive: rent, groceries, gas.

He argued that inflation is a deliberate creation by politicians “for a simple reason: They’ve racked up so much debt, buying votes and enriching themselves and their families that they had no choice but to weaken the U.S. dollar in order to make the payments on the loans they took out.”

Now, Carlson said, this economic downturn is being exploited as an excuse to warn Americans that they simply cannot afford to have children.

“Now they’re telling you that you cannot have the one thing … that biological instinct drives all of us to want, and that’s children. The most reliable source of meaning and joy in human existence,” Carlson said. He continued, pointing out that influential media outlets, academics and other influential voices are framing the family as now financially “out of reach for the American middle class,” and pushing as a fact we should not only “accept as inevitable” but “embrace.”

Even further, big corporations are now discouraging children by incentivizing abortion, with companies like Dick’s Sporting Goods paying up to $4,000 for travel and accommodation costs so that women can travel to have an out-of-state abortion.

“That’s cheaper than footing the bill for, say, parental leave or adding new dependents on the company healthcare plan. Babies are expensive. It’s a lot cheaper to get rid of them,” Carlson noted.

He highlighted a statement by U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Janet Yellen on the recent reversal of Roe, in which she also painted lack of abortion access as detrimental to the economy: “I believe that eliminating the right of women to make decisions about women, whether to have children, would have very damaging effects on the economy and would set women back decades,” Yellen said in May.

“What she’s telling you is now that you’re poor, shut up and abort your child because times are tough and you’ve got to get back to work. There’s a war on. Do your duty,” Carlson remarked.

He pointed out, “This is the America that Janet Yellen has created with the help of her friends in the media.” Meanwhile, our leaders seem unconcerned about a national suicide spike, a spiritual crisis, and what Carlson calls “the clearest sign of societal health”: that people already “aren’t reproducing.”

“Maybe something’s wrong, but now it doesn’t bother them. In fact, they’re for it. Don’t have kids. And if you do, make certain they can’t reproduce themselves when you go in and chemically castrate them, that’s what they’re now telling you.”

“So why are they telling you this? Well, simple. The more atomized and unhappy American society becomes, the easier it is for them to control. Fewer marriages and babies and family-owned homes means more restless and dissatisfied people.”

“It means an entire nation of desperately unhappy grad students … So bring it on. More solitude, less human connection, less meaning, fewer babies. That’s what they want,” Carlson continued.

“You have to wonder how long before Democrat-sponsored legislation to distribute free cats to young people in the cities, placebos to replace the families they can no longer have. That’s coming. Along with SSRIs in the water supply so you don’t have to think too much about it.”