Dr. Robert Malone decried as ‘deeply disturbing’ the push for experimental mRNA shots for kids, as well as the forced masking of children in schools, in defiance of ‘the actual data.’

By Emily Mangiaracina
Article Source

Medical freedom fighter and mRNA pioneer Dr. Robert Malone frankly decried the global, institutional “evil” exposed by the COVID-19 outbreak in an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews yesterday.

Malone pointed out to LifeSiteNews correspondent Jim Hale that since fear of COVID-19 can no longer be used as a pretext for restricting our freedoms, new “fiends” are being seized upon to enforce excessive societal controls.

“Clearly there’s a concerted effort to get all of us to focus on a new agenda,” said Malone, noting that the most recent example of this was the clamor over monkeypox. “It was clearly a crafted narrative. It clearly failed the sniff test.”

He continued, recalling that World Health Organization Director-General Tedros Ghebreyesus “overruled his advisory board and still declared it a worldwide pandemic. And that triggers all of the extra powers that he gets, just like the declaration of a public health emergency allows, bypassing the Bill of Rights in many ways.”

But now that the monkeypox “curve” is going down, “they need something else. And it seems like climate change is the chosen for the next great narrative push,” said Malone, adding that such narratives are being used to “control our food, control our fuel, control energy,” and “control us.”

Malone went on to touch upon the immoral measures — including lying — used by people like Dr. Anthony Fauci to help push for harmful, experimental COVID-19 mRNA injections.

Asked by Hale how “evil” he thinks such actions are, Malone noted that he “used to really avoid using that term,” just like he “used to avoid talking about the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab.”

“But … everyone finds religion in a foxhole, they say, right?” Malone included himself and his wife among that number, going on to cite the harmful measures taken by supposedly “respected” institutions in the name of COVID-19.

“But I think we have now, all of us had an opportunity to see, to look evil in the face. And I don’t think you can deny it, however you want to define evil.”

“But by their actions, you will know them. And we have seen profoundly evil behaviors, in the classic psychopathic sense of apparently wanting to cause harm. How can you account for what has happened with the childhood vaccines and with the masking of children in our schools, and the denialism about the actual data? It’s deeply disturbing,”  Malone said.

Malone, who himself helped invent mRNA technology and even took two doses of Moderna’s  COVID-19 jab, has since repeatedly decried the COVID-19 mRNA injections as potentially “extremely unsafe,” citing “a huge number of adverse events and death that are directly linked to these vaccines,” at least a fraction of which have been documented in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

In conversation with Hale, Malone observed that mainstream media collusion enabled the push for harmful, experimental mRNA injections during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Operation Mockingbird never really went away,” said Malone, referring to a CIA project launched during the Cold War to influence American media, in which the CIA admittedly hired at least 400 journalists to serve its aims, in part by writing “fake stories,” according to the journalist who “unveiled the scandal” in 1977.

Malone accused modern-day mainstream media of “actively block[ing] the ability of people to get access to true and accurate information about the safety and effectiveness of these experimental products.”

“What they have done is they have prevented the ability of … people, to have true informed consent through their actions … And that is a clear legal violation. It’s in the Code of Federal Regulations. It’s called the common rule,” Malone said.

According to Malone, however, certain groups have stood out for “resisting” the “hypnosis” of the joint medical-media-tech establishment during COVID-19.

“It’s the communities of faith … underscore community — [and] in many cases, Christian communities [that] have been very resistant to this phenomenon of hypnosis. They have maintained their integrity.”

He used Calvary Chapel in Silicon Valley as an example, “the place that’s being sued for $3 million because they wouldn’t force their parishioners to stop coming to church and wouldn’t force them to all wear masks, which the data show do nothing.”

“They were resistant to the crazy. They didn’t fall for it. And they maintain their integrity and they maintain their dignity. And they maintain their community. There’s three words that I say again and again … And this has been the case all over the world.”

Malone maintains that, after what has openly transpired during COVID-19, a worldview that doesn’t account for the transcendent is “just not sustainable anymore.”

He asserted that “if you’re really grappling with what has been going on and these issues of good and evil,” “you can’t come through this without more of an awareness and a commitment to” the transcendent, or a “higher being.”

“There’s something deep and spiritual that has been going on here.”