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Dr. Peter McCullough is staying true to his message that the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) can be defeated with early treatment – not vaccines – despite being relentlessly attacked by Big Pharma.

McCullough, an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist and expert on early interventions against COVID-19, reiterated his stance during an interview with host Alex Newman in “Conversations That Matter.”

“I proposed that COVID-19 illness should be treated in high-risk patients to prevent hospitalization and death,” said McCullough, claiming that this is why he has been relentlessly attacked by Big Pharma, who seek to only sell more COVID-19 vaccines.

“That proposal, in my view, should be uncontroversial,” he added. McCullough noted that Big Pharma’s insistence on pouring more resources to the experimental and deadly COVID-19 vaccines instead of properly funding early treatment options is killing a lot of people. (Related: Dr. Peter McCullough: Early treatment key to preventing COVID-19 deaths.)

Several months ago, McCullough noted that more people in the United States have died due to the COVID-19 vaccines than those who have died in all wars the country has been involved in except the Civil War and World War II. Back then, the data suggested that as many as 187,000 Americans have lost their lives after vaccination. This far surpasses the approximately 120,000 Americans who lost their lives during World War I.

“The treatment will evolve and change over time. We’ve had better and better drugs, better and better tools. [But] the shortcoming is patients not getting treatment who needs them. Patients who get hospitalized because they’ve not had access to or gotten high quality, early treatment,” said McCullough. “Being hospitalized has nothing to do with taking a vaccine. It has to do with whether or not someone was treated before the hospital.”

McCullough’s treatment program, known as the McCullough Protocol, involves at-risk individuals taking a mix of medicines like hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin with vitamins and supplements like quercetin, zinc sulfate and vitamins C and D3.

“Bio-pharmaceutical complex” doesn’t want to treat COVID-19 patients, only give them vaccines

McCullough’s main antagonist and the one thing preventing his and other early treatment protocols from becoming more widespread is what he calls the “bio-pharmaceutical complex.”

“The bio-pharmaceutical complex is a private and public partnership consisting of … international foundations [like] the Rockefeller and the Gates Foundations … also the Wellcome Trust in England and the World Economic Forum in Switzerland,” noted author John Leake in the same interview with Newman.

These organizations have partnered with established Big Pharma companies and startups like Moderna and, through the generous application of funding, have crafted “a very elaborate international partnership expressly for pandemic response,” explained Leake.

“The bio-pharmaceutical complex … has done a splendid job of driving the [pandemic] policy,” he continued. “Now, the most salient point about the bio-pharmaceutical complex is they’re relentlessly and almost exclusively focused on vaccine development and mass vaccine deployment as the policy response.”

Because of this single-mindedness, McCullough and Leake came to the clear conclusion that the bio-pharmaceutical complex is not actually interested in ending the COVID-19 pandemic, but in creating a worldwide monopoly on public health through vaccine development and mass vaccinations.

“There’s an incredible amount of money floating around there, too,” agreed Newman.

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Watch this episode of “Conversations That Matter” with Alex Newman as he interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake about fighting both the COVID-19 pandemic and Big Pharma.

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