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A survey conducted by a national health organization reported that 43 percent of the parent-respondents with children five years and younger “will definitely not” have their babies take the experimental Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation’s (KFF) survey titled “COVID-19 Vaccine Monitor,” another 40 percent of the parents would prefer to “wait and see” before submitting their kids to the vaccination or get their child inoculated “only if required.” This means that 83 percent of parents are refusing the shots for their young children.

The survey asked an open-ended question on the main reason why they will not vaccinate their eligible child “right away,” and the responders deduced that the vaccine is very “new” and not enough testing and research were done to prove its efficacy. There were also concerns about the adverse effects, and most of them worry about the safety of their children in general.

“Eight in ten parents of young unvaccinated children say they are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ concerned that their child might experience serious side effects from the injections and that not enough is known about the long-term effects of the vaccine in children,” the survey read.

The researchers noted that even among parents who are vaccinated but have not yet vaccinated their child, 79 percent express concerns about side effects while 74 percent are worried about the unknown long-term effects.

The said poll has raised the hopes of many other fathers and mothers out there who feel too mandated to have their children vaccinated. The concerns about the safety and health security of young ones should be heard and considered valid, especially since a lot of studies are coming out proving the vaccines to be “gene-altering,”  causing a lot more diseases due to adverse events and even life-threatening.

Even though a study found that mRNA vaccines can cause children to suffer from serious vaccine-associated enhanced disease, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized the mRNA jabs from Pfizer and Moderna for children aged six months old and up back on June 17 via a press release.

The agency announced the fast-tracked emergency use authorization (EUA) despite the vaccines’ clinical trials being “determined not to be reliable due to the low number of COVID-19 cases that occurred in the study participants.” (Related: FDA greenlit COVID-19 shots for kids as young as 6 MONTHS while ignoring study about VAED.)

FDA Commissioner Dr. Robert Califf said they are acutely aware of the importance of having vaccines available for the youngest children. “As we have seen with the older age groups, we expect that the vaccines for younger children will provide protection for the most severe outcomes of COVID-19, such as hospitalization and death,” he said.

Canadian parents more inclined to believe Big Pharma and Big Government narrative

Meanwhile, parents in Ontario are now booking COVID-19 vaccine appointments for their babies and preschoolers via their provincial government’s booking portal. They were convinced by the government and Big Pharma narrative that their children are safer when vaccinated.

“This has been a long time coming,” a mother said in an interview. “I’m very happy to give kids some extra protection.”

Less than 2,000 miles away, Alberta parents are calling for swift action as their provincial government isn’t moving more quickly to start vaccinating their children. While all other provinces are either already offering the shots, or are at least allowing bookings, the Alberta government has yet to release a detailed plan.

“It makes me mad and envious of the other provinces,” said an Edmonton mother named Ameila Vela. She said she’s frustrated the provincial government hasn’t at least offered the parents information on its plans to vaccinate the young.

David Cloutier, a father of two children both under the age of five from Calgary, said it is really frustrating that other provinces already have this dose in children’s arms.

“I feel so left behind. And I feel like I have no way to get answers. Because I’m not able to reach anyone. No one is sharing any information as to how these doses are going to get to children that are eligible for this vaccine,” Cloutier said.

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