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A new scientific study published in the journal Clinical Research in Cardiology has confirmed that at least 20 percent of people who “suddenly die” after getting “vaccinated” for covid develop myocarditis before their passing.

Despite the official government claim being that myocarditis is a “rare” occurrence post-injection, one in five fully jabbed people who are now dead developed the inflammatory heart condition prior to kicking the bucket, according to the study.

It was researchers at the Heidelberg University in Germany who made the discovery. They obtained 25 bodies that were previously healthy before getting injected and later dying. Most of these deaths occurred within one week after getting jabbed.

“They also excluded ten more people found to have legitimate pre-existing illnesses – so they were quite thorough,” clarifies Igor Chudov in a newsletter article about the new paper.

Cardiac autopsy findings consistent with (epi-) myocarditis,” the paper continues, “were found in five cases of the remaining 25 bodies found unexpectedly dead at home within 20 days following SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.” (Related: Remember when a Canadian father unleashed hell against a local pharmacist for covid-jabbing his son, resulting in a myocarditis diagnosis?)

Had Heidelberg researchers not conducted these autopsies, myocarditis diagnoses never would have occurred

There is nothing rare about one in five “fully vaccinated” people who die suffering from myocarditis beforehand. And yet this is what the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other government entities expect us to believe.

The only reason any of this was discovered is because the German researchers sought out the bodies in order to conduct autopsies on them. Had they not done this, the myocarditis link never would have been identified because nobody else autopsied the bodies in question.

Both Chudov and this writer want to know: why are post-injection deaths not being properly autopsied? Why is the CDC specifically not calling for fully jabbed bodies to be autopsied as part of its data collection routine?

Further, how can the CDC and “fact checkers” claim that myocarditis does not cause post-injection death if they are not even evaluating post-injection deaths? And where is all the data these so-called fact checkers are using to make their claims in the first place?

“Our authorities claim that ‘myocarditis does not cause deaths’ for only one reason: they refused to autopsy vaccine victims,” Chudov writes. “As soon as autopsies of a representative sample of ‘sudden deaths’ were finally done, as in the above Heidelberg study, it turned out that 20% of sudden deaths were myocarditis-related.”

Keep in mind that up until the time when covid injections were released under Operation Warp Speed, there has never been a problem with myocardial inflammation like there is now.

“During the last 20 years of autopsy service at Heidelberg University Hospital we did not observe comparable myocardial inflammatory infiltration,” the researchers explain.

Another thing to keep in mind is that most of the bodies evaluated in the study were from older people ranging in age from 46 to 75, with a median age of 58. Post-injection myocarditis seems to be more common among young people, which means the true rate of myocarditis-caused death could be more than one in five.

“The reason for this is that these autopsied deaths occurred in 2022 when 4th vaccine doses were given out,” Chudov explains. “Young people finally wisened up, and most refused Covid vaccines at this point in time, so not as many younger persons died. Unfortunately, this means that younger victims of Covid vaccines, who died in 2021, were not analyzed this time.”

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