The corruption running though the healthcare system is so deep that the financial incentives more often than not outweigh medical ethics. As a result, patients might not get the adequate treatment and end up worse than they were before they got to the hospital — and even dead.

In this interview with The New American, Priscilla Romans, the Founder and of CEO Graith Care LLC, details many shortcomings of the medical industrial complex and the ways it harms people. One of the examples is hospitals receiving compensations for sticking to pre-set protocols prescribed by the government or the insurance companies. That is especially on display during the pandemic, when hospitals refuse treating Covid patients with repurposed drugs such as ivermectin while forcing them to take highly toxic remdesivir and put them on ventilators instead.

Even before the pandemic began, Romans said, she had been observing the decline of compassionate medical care. She started her company to help patients navigate the medical system, help them understand their rights and treatment options, and offer holistic approaches to health and wellbeing – even if they are short on funds and uninsured.

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