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Millions, perhaps tens of millions of words have been written about an alleged “new” virus called SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.  In March 2020, the WORLD was suddenly rocked after Satan’s servants, the WHO (World Health Organization) declared a pandemic.  Look out because Marxist WHO director, Tedros, is at it again:  WHO declares Monkeypox global health emergency: Five deaths worldwide, July 23, 2022

As far back as December 2019, some of the finest scientific minds on this planet warned people NOT to take those mRNA experimental injections.  If you don’t die within the first week, millions will have severe reactions.  Anywhere from four to eighteen months (could be as long as 3-5 years) those experimental injections will have been working on destroying your natural immune system.  Then comes developing autoimmune diseases (80 with no cures) and then premature deaths.

Freedom of Information Request Reveals 5,522 People have Died Within 28 Days of Receiving COVID-19 Vaccines in Scotland, July 21, 2021  // C19 vax Reactions:  “We are a large and ever growing group of Americans who were previously healthy and have been seriously injured by the COVID vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, J&J as well as Astra Zeneca in the clinical trial stage in the United States).”  I have linked to that site before; testimonials from doctors, nurses, teachers – all now unable to work, their lives hell every day.

The prostitute media, governors of both parties, mayors, Hollywood dumbo’s, “health officials” all declared everyone must get shot up – despite thousands dying while they were lying.  The media whores very effectively used visual optics to scare this country into compliance and then came the so-called mandates:  Either play Russian Roulette with your life or lose your source of income.

As the number of adverse reactions, permanent disability and deaths skyrocketed, Satan’s other thugs like Google, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube etc., had all been censoring every video interview of scientists and doctors telling the scientific truth about those injections which legally are NOT vaccines.

Then came unelected so-called “health officials” and boards moving against any doctor speaking out about early treatment protocols what worked and then threatening them with revoking their medical license.  Kelleigh Nelson’s July 22, 2021 column, Criminal Collusion, Medical Malfeasance and Murder

Never in my life – and these past 30 years in the trenches full time with the massive corruption of both political parties in Congress and state capitols – could I ever have imagined what we were living through.

Tyrannical governors shutting down schools, destroying more than 240,000 businesses for good, forcing Americans to destroy their brain with those scientifically proven worthless, dangerous masks.  Being denied medical treatment if you refuse to wear one.  A must READ:  German Neurologist On Face Masks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage’, October 21, 2020.

Many lawsuits were filed by nurses and individuals only to lose their jobs to protect their life.  The Lawyers and the Judge got it Wrong: The Law, the COVID-19 Injections and Houston Methodist Hospital v Jennifer Bridges et al., Case.  My, my.  What goes round, comes around:      Epoch Times: Hospital Faces Staff Shortages Due to COVID-19 Infections, Despite Vaccine Mandate, July 19, 2022 – “The first hospital in America to mandate a COVID-19 vaccine for all employees is now facing a staffing shortage from infections.

“Houston’s Methodist Hospital has hundreds of employees out of work because they tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19. At the same hospital in 2021, 153 staff members who refused to get vaccinated quit or were fired. Now Methodist leadership is trying to avert a crisis.

“What is worrisome is the climbing number of our employees who cannot work because they are home sick with COVID-19. Almost 400 employees tested positive last week,” Dr. Robert Phillips, the executive vice president and chief physician executive of Houston Methodist, wrote in an internal email on July 12 obtained by The Epoch Times.”

GUTLESS JUDGES across this country have completely ignored what’s called bodily integrity and the Nurenberg Codes.  EVERY ONE OF THOSE JUDGES are a disgrace to their profession and share responsibility for all the dead and maimed.

Gutting our military and National Guard – stripping them of paychecks and benefits is beyond reprehensible.  Military Doctor: “The COVID Vaccine Program has Killed More Young Active Duty People Than COVID Did”, August 27, 2021

My dear friend of many decades, Larry Becraft, is a constitutional attorney out of Huntsville, Alabama, a fierce fighter in federal court rooms, filed a lawsuit along with other attorneys:  Will the COVID Lawsuit Lead to Indictments? – “Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of Alabama, this lawsuit is going after the big boys and girls, i.e., Fauci, et al.  I encourage you to take the time to read that lawsuit filed June 10, 2021.  Click here.  This is a civil trial demanding a jury.”  It is now July 25, 2022, and the defendants along with the GUTLESS JUDGE are still doing everything they can to keep the truth from a jury.

On page 41 of the document:  D. Whistleblower Testimony: 45,000 Deaths Caused by the Vaccines: “…the true number of deaths caused by the Vaccines is at least 45,000. She notes that in the 1976 Swine Flu vaccine campaign (in which 25% of the U.S. population at that time, 55 million Americans, were vaccinated), the Swine Flu vaccine was deemed dangerous and unsafe, and removed from the market, even though the vaccine resulted in only 53 deaths.”

In the case of these experimental gene editing therapy, the harm is off the charts.  If a vaccine kills 5 people, the manufacturer gets a black box warning.  But since those COVID injections are not vaccines, the guilty get a free ride.  So far.

An Amicus Brief was filed on July 5, 2022, with the U.S. Supreme Court by Larry.  In order to understand exactly what’s going on here with the law and true FACTS as to why these lawsuits were being filed, you really do have to take the time to read the filings.  You can read the Amicus Brief here.

Oral Argument in Vaccine Lawsuit Begins Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Of course, we have to remember GUTLESS Supreme Court Justice Amy Comey Barrett shot down lawsuits filed to protect students from being denied attending college.  She’d rather see them permanently disabled or dead.

Amy Coney Barrett Strikes Surprising Killer Blow Against Vaccine Mandate Defiance, August 13, 2022 – “Supreme Court Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett struck a surprising blow against those seeking to defy COVID vaccine mandates on Thursday when she dismissed a challenge to a college’s mandate without comment.”  (Indiana U)

Lawsuit Filed Against Chicago Company for Mandating the Vaccination of West Virginia Employees (Video)

Tom Renz is another lawyer who is deeply involved in these lawsuits and like millions of us, he refuses to give up and let those responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and tens of thousands of Americans now permanently disabled, the number of severe reactions is more than 1 million get away with their crimes against humanity.

This is his web site.  Go look at the staggering numbers and ask yourself:  WHY are those deadly injections still being pushed along with the worthless booster shots – none of which work because COVID – 19 is NOT a virus.

Those following this nightmare for the past two years are familiar with Dr. David Martin.  This is his web site – Prosecute Now  –  Click on your state to see how many letters have been sent to state officials WHO CONTINUE TO ALLOW THOSE DEADLY INJECTIONS be administered throughout their state.  You can also see the lawsuits, Executive Summary of Litigation, The Evidence and much more.  This interview with Martin is a MUST WATCH – working with three law enforcement agencies to bring charges against the people responsible for all these deaths.

What about American law and the Nuremberg Codes? I wrote about this several times. This is a VERY important read as the Nuremberg Code IS the basis for many successful lawsuits here in the U.S.

The Significance of the Nuremberg Code, April 42021 – “The universal right of Informed Consent to medical interventions has been recognized in US law since at least 1914.

  1. That year, the New York Court of Appeals established the right to informed consent to medical intervention in a case involving non-consensual surgery. Schloendorff v. Society of New York Hospital 105 N.E. 92, 93 N.Y. (1914) Justice Benjamin Cardozo articulated the court’s reasoning:  
  • Every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent commits an assault for which he is liable in damages.”
  1. The 1947 Nuremberg Code is the most important legal document in the history of medical research ethics. It established 10 foundational principles of ethical clinical research.
  • The first and foremost principle is unequivocal: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.

“It prohibits research to be conducted on human beings without the informed consent of the individual.” And further into the article:  8. In 2013, the US Supreme Court reiterated the legal principle of informed consent in a case involving a citizen who refused to consent to a blood test. A blood sample was taken against his will on orders of a police officer. In a 6 to 3 ruling, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the plaintiff — even as the justices recognized that both privacy and harm were minimal. Missouri vs McNeely, 569 US 141 (2013)

  • “this Court has never retreated from its recognition that any compelled intrusion into the human body implicates significant, constitutionally protected privacy interests…”

The destruction from those COVID experimental injections is hardly minimal.

And, still American scientists’ reaction: crickets.  COVID-19: Why Are American Scientists Silent on This?, July 26, 2021 (Mine) – Not only is there no proof this COVID-19 virus has been proven to exist, Dr. Lanka proved it’s not a virus.  Why the silence?  MASSIVE AMOUNTS – IN THE HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF BORROWED DOLLARS FOR ‘RESEARCH’ ON COVID by labs just in this country.  Just a few of the hundreds I’ve saved:

WAYNE ROOT: 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago.  All 33 Vaxxed.  A “Vaccine Death & Disease Cluster.” July 22, 2022 (READ) // “A Peasants Revolt” – FDA and the CDC are on Notice/The Casket Industry is Booming, July 6, 2022  –  And now injecting babies and children! //  The Latest Tragedy: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, June 20, 2022 – “(Jun. 20, 2022) — In recent weeks, media outlets around the world have started highlighting a medical phenomenon called “sudden adult death syndrome,” or SADS, in what appears to be a clear effort to obscure the reality of COVID jab deaths.” // Governor demands ALL Washington state employees be subject to Covid vaccine, booster requirements in perpetuity, July 1, 2022

Medical Examiner Reveals 24-Year-Old Ex-Miami Hurricanes Football Player Died of a Heart Attack  // Former South Carolina Quarterback MVP Phil Petty Dies at 43 — Third Former Football Player to Die in Last 7 Days  //  SPIKE PROTEIN SYNDROME is sweeping America as deadly disorders are springing up out of nowhere post COVID vaccination, July 12, 2022

Mercola: Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole On Post-Jab Cancer Explosion And Excess Mortality, July 21, 2022  //  Death claims up $6 BILLION: Fifth-largest life insurance company paid out for 163% more working-age deaths in 2021 after covid “vaccines” were unleashed, June 20, 2022 – I wonder if this will bankrupt some of these insurance companies as the number of deaths accelerate?

I cited this from my Nov. 29, 2021 column, Dr. Charles Hoffe Reveals Blood Clots in Majority of Vaccinated Patients and Speaks of  “Permanently-Damaged Hearts“, July 21, 2021 – “This Vaccine is Quite Clearly More Dangerous Than COVID-19” – Dr. Charles Hoffe found 62% of his patients experienced elevated D-dimer levels after the vaccine.  He’s administered over 900 doses. Dr. Hoffe did his own research to try and find out why his patients were exhibiting micro-blood clotting after getting one of those injections.  This is a must watch short video. This is a very sad prediction:  Most of them likely will die within three years.

“If I had been forced to take those experimental injections to keep my job, I would tell my doctor I want a D-dimer test now.  Better to know so one can do whatever can be done at this time if the results come back with the worst news.”  Of course, the tyrannical Canadian government has gone after Dr. Hoffe with a vengeance for talking about tests and his patients.  He did not reveal any patient’s name.

Latest survey shows the COVID vaccines are a disaster: 750,000 dead in US, June 25, 2022 – Steve Kirsch is a multi-millionare and founder of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation.  On his web site:  “I will bet anyone $1M that there are now over 100,000 deaths of Americans that were caused by the COVID vaccines.  Why won’t anyone take my bet??  Why won’t anyone credible debate me?”

Why, indeed.  Naturally he’s been scorched by fools infesting the Internet who are in denial about those injections.

The CDC (Center for Disease Creation) publishes vaccine adverse events, deaths, permanently disabled which represents about 1% of cases.  Their latest:  1,350,947 Reports Through July 15, 2022.  29,635 deaths, 4,882 miscarriages, 15,915 heart attacks, 50, 627 Myocarditis/Pericarditis, 55,540 permanently disabled plus all the other categories and some doctor, politician, Hollywood braying ass or governor is going to tell me those experimental injections are safe?

PhD Researcher’s Analysis of VAERS Data Reveals 5,427% Increase in Deaths Following COVID Shots Compared to ALL Vaccines the Past 10 Years, Oct. 21, 2021 // EXCLUSIVE: COVID Whistleblower Claims the VAERS Reporting Database Tracking Vaccine Complications is WRONG and Undercounting by a Factor of 100!, Sept. 16, 2021

Once again – and Columbia University can hardly be considered a bastion of right wing conspiracies:  Study: At least 400,000 people in America have died from covid “vaccines”, 12.27.2021: “Columbia University researchers have found that the true death count from Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” is substantially higher than the official figures from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“The CDC claims that only 20,000 people have died from Fauci Flu injections, but Columbia’s under reporting factor estimates that 20 times that number, or around 400,000 deaths, is far more accurate.”  Only?  I’m sure that’s very comforting for the families to know.

Covid vaccines “most dangerous biological medicinal product rollout in human history,” says Dr. Peter McCullough, Dec. 25, 2021.  READ it.  Dr. McCullough is one of the great doctors with the courage of a Braveheart.  Like thousands of doctors and scientists around the world, a man who was once lauded as brilliant (bio here) is now Satan in the eyes of the COVID death cult supporters.  Unelected, pompous (expletive) bureau-RATS are going after the courageous:  Medical Board Goes After Dr. McCullough, Sen. Johnson Calls for Public Hearing, June 16, 2022 (Video interview with Dr. McCullough)

Why do so many refuse to recognize the actual scientifically proven danger of those experimental injections?  Fear.  Denial.  Fear all these scientists world-wide with decades of actual experience are right:  Those injections are no less a genocide taking place, not just killing recipients, but causing permanent disabilities and incurable autoimmune diseases which within a few short years brings death.

Denial:  I got the injection(s) over a year ago and I feel fine.  None of all those bad things are going to happen to me.  God protect you, but it can take 3-5 years or perhaps a little longer depending on your immune system and how badly the mRNA has been destroying your body inside.

I hate writing about this; all my columns on COVID archived here.  FLCCC Alliance has a link on their site to this:  Dr. Paul Marik joins lawsuit against FDA over its anti-ivermectin campaign; lawsuit filed June 2, 2022

What can YOU do?  Get together a concise (but not too long) ‘white paper’ giving number of deaths, etc, as well as article titles, i.e., Dr. Birx Admits She And Fauci Made Up ‘The Science’ On Lockdowns, Social Distancing, July 21, 2022 and Dr. Deborah Birx: I knew shots would not prevent COVID infection, July 22, 2022.  Trump was lied to by the FDA, CDC.  Fauci, Birx and all the rest of them need to get indicted, tried and put in federal prisons forever.

Make copies for every member of your county commissioners and city council.  Go to their next meeting.  Members of the public are generally given 5 minutes to state your case/opinion.  Give your statement and then hand out a copy of your ‘white paper’ and ask them:  Why are you allowing hospitals, pharmacies and clinics to continue giving experimental injections that have been proven not only deadly, but absolutely worthless?

If we do nothing, nothing gets done.

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