By S.D. Wells
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Proponents of mRNA would have us all believe that enzymes in the body break down the mRNA and get rid of it, but that’s not the case at all. Many scientists double as pharma shills, who will say (or read from a script/teleprompter) anything to sell the public on the old false mantra of “safe and effective.” However, research conducted by Harvard and MIT scientists and biochemist-molecular biologists reveals that mRNA “vaccines” could PERMANENTLY alter genomic DNA.

If that’s the case, then when do the newly altered and modified human cells stop producing the sticky, toxic, virus-mimicking protein prions that cause blood clots, myocarditis and auto-immune disorders?

CDC falsely claims mRNA vaccines do not interact with our DNA “in any way” and that our cells dispose of mRNA soon after recoding instructions are used

Key findings by Harvard and MIT researchers debunk the CDC’s assumptions about mRNA vaccines, revealing how the gene therapy injections can likely interact with human DNA, in a similar way that the China virus itself does, permanently altering genomic DNA. The scientists said this “reverse transcription” is plausible and “most likely probable.”

In other words, enzymes can convert RNA into DNA (reverse transcript), and this is not uncommon, as over 40 percent of mammalian genomes have this capability. If so, the CDC and the vaccine scientists are wrong and they’re lying, and they know it.

This all requires further study and careful consideration, but the mRNA vaccines were rushed to market at “warp speed,” giving false-credence to the so-called severity of the Fauci Flu. All the “virus mania” drove the American populace to get gene therapy injections that may cause long-term health mayhem, given that no long term studies have ever been conducted with mRNA, since it’s brand new and highly experimental.

Auto-immune reactions and cytokine storms could be relentless, leading to drastic, long-term health consequences

Back in 2012, a study published in the National Library of Medicine revealed that viral genome integration can lead to horrible health consequences for the host cell, including cell death, insertional mutagenesis and gene disruption. Why doesn’t the CDC ever mention this when bragging about mRNA technology now? Answer: it doesn’t fit the “safe and effective” narrative, and it suggests that the human DNA is affected and can be affected forever.

In fact, research is LACKING to show that spike proteins are only expressed for a short amount of time after vaccination. There is no empirical evidence to support that theory, even as vaccine scientists and the CDC propagate it, as if it were fact, just to push mass vaccination for COVID-19.

Moreover, it is an open question as to how long the synthetic mRNA instructions for human cells command them to continue manufacturing toxic spike proteins. They might persist inside the cells forever (until early death of the host).

To top it off, scientists suspect that these newly mutated cells with mRNA instructions produce RNA that “hangs around in the cell MUCH LONGER than viral RNA” and longer than RNA our cells normally produce for normal protein production.

This “enhanced longevity” of the RNA raises the probability of it eventually being converted over into DNA, and that completely counters and debunks the CDC theory that mRNA-instructed spike protein production is short-lived. Add to that chaos the fact that vaccine mRNA is also engineered to be MORE efficient at being translated into protein, meaning the negative effects could happen much more often and be more pronounced from the vaccine-induced-gene mutation as compared to the virus’ effects.

That means that human cells could be producing toxic prions indefinitely, causing the immune system to remain in a fight-or-flight state forever. This will tax the body and surely cause health detriment and a shortened lifespan, if true.

Scientists are LYING when they claim there’s no risk of long-term health damage from mRNA technology

Are we all to simply ignore and forget the serial criminals of the pharma giants as they manufacture and sell the most deadly “medication” on earth – vaccines? The COVID-19 jabs aren’t even vaccines, but they’re called that because the majority of people already believe in the myths of the “holy grail” of medicine. These “clot shots” are poorly tested, rushed to market, unapproved by the FDA, sworn to be “safe and effective,” and all this from the most nefarious, criminal “science” freaks and pharma shills to ever walk the planet.

A lethal injection for a not-very-lethal virus has been forced onto the naïve masses by threatening people with their jobs, scaring them with MSM-CDC-scripted propaganda, and faking statistics about deaths from “COVID.”

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