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Planned Parenthood (PP) is a mass murderer of the highest order – killing hundreds of thousands of babies annually, proudly flaunting its infanticide and earning big bucks in return.

Data from the Guttmacher Institute revealed that PP posted a record total of 383,460 abortions in 2020. This constituted 41 percent of the 930,160 total abortions done in the U.S. for that year.

For a clearer picture of how many these Planned Parenthood’s innocent victims, they are slightly less than the current population of Tampa, Florida (394,809) and New Orleans, Louisiana (392,031). However, they are more than the residents of Cleveland, Ohio (367,786), Honolulu, Hawaii (353,706) and Anaheim, California (348,936).

In 2019, PP killed 354,871 babies in abortions, which is nearly 30,000 babies less than those murdered in 2020.

For all these abortions, PP – categorized as a nonprofit – earned a whopping $1.714 billion last year. Taxpayer dollars amounting to $633.4 million further bolstered its income, according to the organization’s 2020 annual report.

PP’s income broken down for the 2020-2021 fiscal year reflected a huge windfall. Its revenue from donations amounted to $353.9 million, while it netted $634 million from government grants and reimbursements. The organization made a net profit of $133.7 million for the aforementioned fiscal year.

To sum up, it was another banner year for the abortion giant, which already boasts 17 million supporters worldwide.

Planned Parenthood’s dark past

Back in 2015, PP received backlash following undercover footage of some of its doctors discussing the ins and outs of selling aborted baby parts to prospective buyers. The videos touched on bargaining over fetal organs and offering suggestions on how the organization can get out of trouble in the event the topic of illegally selling baby organs develops.

Five years later in 2020, PP was accused of causing more black deaths than any organization in America, which it quickly denied. Until now, it gets away with the mass murder of the unborn.

Abortion became a hot issue again in the U.S. after the Supreme Court’s overturn of the Roe v. Wade ruling, returning the right to decide on abortion issues to the states in the  process. (Related: Supreme Court overturns Roe v. Wade, sending issue of abortion back to states where it always belonged.)

Following the controversial ruling, a gunman attempted to murder Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh but did not succeed. Police arrested Nicholas John Roske, 20, during the early morning hours of July 8 near the magistrate’s residence in Maryland.

Leftists also made good on their threat of “night of rage” riots, including the firebombing and vandalism of crisis pregnancy centers in Wisconsin and New York. Extremist pro-abortion group Jane’s Revenge took credit for the violent attacks on these centers, which occurred from May to July 2022.

To appease pro-abortion advocates somewhat, President Joe Biden signed an executive order promoting abortion on demand. According to the fact sheet about the executive order, the Department of Health and Human Services is directed to protect and expand access to “medication abortion.”

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