The greatest challenge facing our nation today is the defense of our rights as defined by the Bill of Rights in our US Constitution. How these issues become identified in our daily lives is in the way in which we defend life and who gives us our rights. As John Adams so famously said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” On the issue of life which begins in the womb at conception Thomas Jefferson made this observation, “The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.”

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams



In President Trump’s first run for President in 2016 he made the border his primary focus and ran a more moderate campaign in the primary. However, once he was on the campaign trail he pivoted to a much more conservative traditional Biblical Constitutional perspective. One of his strongest areas to defend was that of the unborn. He seemed to be a staunch pro life defender and once in office was a consistent advocate for pro life judges and speaking at the pro life marches.

However, in the current campaign his staunch prolife stance has been a bit vaguer. He criticized Governor DeSantis and Florida for being to restrictive on abortion at 6 weeks. He has said there is no federal involvement in abortion, even though the fiscal budget under Joe Biden and President Trump included a $400 million line item to fund Planned Parenthood. While this is alarming the statement that is of greatest concern is the one he just issued. He has said and legally he is right that the Federal Government has no business getting into the abortion battle. Yet while he says this, he has criticized Arizona on it’s abortion law, criticized Florida and called out Texas heartbeat bill as all being to restrictive. So, if the federal government has no role and the states are the arbiters of the issue why is he weighing in and why do so on the side of abortionists rather than for the life of the baby?

This begs the question as to what will he do as President? He says that the Arizona law will be “straightened out”. He says the law is unreasonable. Yet he also says that he would not weigh in or get involved as President as those are states issues. How can he choose to not weigh in on the abortion issue when it leans pro death and then weigh in when it is trending prolife. I believe that he is Constitutionally correct, though not morally, that the Federal Government should remain out of it and let the states work it out individually. But, for him to criticize states when they choose life is at best hypocritical.

The care of human life and happiness, and not their destruction, is the first and only object of good government.

Thomas Jefferson



On my program I proposed this statement:

The federal government’s sole purpose is to defend our rights, rights found in the constitution, but the very first right has to be the right to life. now God is the one who gives us that life, but it is the responsibility of the federal government to defend my life so that I have the ability then to pursue liberty and happiness the unalienable rights that are a part of the Declaration of Independence. How can I possibly enjoy religious freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to redress the government and freedom to peacefully assemble and the right to defend myself if the federal government does not step in and say yes, we will protect your right to live. These are the foundations upon which the constitution is built. So, if the federal government is not defending life, liberty, and my ability to pursue happiness or own property, then the federal government is failing.

Now, this brings up two points, number one the issue of life at conception and the reality then that that life has rights, and the federal government has a responsibility from the moment that I am born to defend me against all enemies foreign and domestic that would attempt to take my life. On the other hand, this also brings into question what kind of punishment or penalty is going to be given to those that would take that life? Murder has capital punishment, however there has been a movement to eliminate the idea of capital punishment but what then is the solution? What then is the deterrent to prevent someone who is darkened in their heart so that they would not take a life in pursuit of whatever it is that they are pursuing?

I do not imagine our founders ever imagined a time in our history where the answer to sexual promiscuity would be killing babies. Just writing that seems absurd, as I doubt that they would have imagined the level of sexual promiscuity being taught in school. Where the children of our nation that survive the genocide that is abortion would be so morally devoid because of the indoctrination of those who have declared there is no God. They are taught Creation is a myth, and we are a little lower than animals and plants and are the poison to our world.

That leads to the second issue facing our country which is the total destruction of our family structure. Surrogates and IVF were introduced as a solution for couples who could not seem to have children on their own. I am sympathetic to this and wish them all the best. However, it is fornication that has left many unable to bear children due to the passing of STD’s and chlamydia or gonorrhea which remain undetected and progress to PID. This is a massive issue that isn’t even identified until the couple try to have children. The root cause of this is set up by schools insisting on teaching a permissive sex education instead of a moral abstinence that also includes seeing both the boy and the girl as being to valuable to give the one time and first time to a complete stranger with whom there is no future.

This sexual leniency has led to sexual deviancy. The LGBTQIA agenda has taken its lead from a pursuit of gratification and lust which is at the root of the destruction of the traditional family and life itself. Our bodies were created to create. When we deny the very purpose of the act of sex and make it about something other than love then we devalue our lives and the life we create.

The redefining of family and shaming those that hold to the original purpose of family and procreation, which is what creates a safe place for children to grow up, learn and reach their maximum potential has led to much of what we face today. Together we must repent for our nations sins and then work to rebuild traditional Biblical values and put god back in our nation again.