One group that received US taxpayer money says providing abortion and contraception falls under the scope of ‘COVID-19 relief’

By Jack Bingham
Article Source

According to leaked United States Agency for International Development (USAID) documents, the Biden administration spent millions of dollars funding abortion projects overseas under the guise of COVID relief.

In the leaked documents, obtained by Revolver NewsUSAID grant agreements from 2020 show that the federal government under President Joe Biden gave millions of dollars of taxpayer funds to pro-abortion groups, such as Pathfinder International, under the pretense that the money was being used in foreign countries to provide aid throughout the COVID so-called pandemic.

One grant in particular, totaling $500,000 dollars, was given to Pathfinder for their “Responding to COVID-19 in Hotspot Areas of Ethiopia” program.

The grant agreement states that the money was to be used for “sexual and reproductive health services,” including “contraceptives,” “pregnancy care,” and “post abortion care,” because, according to Pathfinder, “unintended pregnancies” are increasing due to the pandemic and therefore these practices fall under the scope of COVID care.

Similarly sized grants were given to other pro-abortion organizations, such as the Population Council and IntraHealth International.

In an analysis of the grants, Revolver News writes, “The justification is plain as day: Pathfinder would use U.S. taxpayer funding to entrench sexual health services, including abortion and birth control, in developing nations during a global crisis. How? By manipulating the public through messaging campaigns that declared these health services ‘essential,’ ‘orienting’ staff to adopt this messaging, and ensuring that abortions and birth control were provided in ‘safe” health facilities.”

Pathfinder also openly lists abortion and other reproductive procedures as integral to its COVID-19 strategy, stating that it is a “fundamental human right” for a woman to be able to “decide if and when she has a child.”

“We must ensure that laws and systems are set up to protect the health of women and girls while we respond to COVID-19,” continues the group’s plan, adding that “The health and lives of so many women and girls depend on it [access to abortion].”

As reported by Revolver News, these types of misleading campaigns have exploded under the pro-abortion Biden administration, with the USAID going from pledging $1.3 billion in global COVID relief programs at the end of 2020 to over $9 billion as of 2022.