By R. Cort Kirkwood
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The Biden administration’s plans for The Great Replacement moved forward again in June, the latest data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection show.

Border agents handled more than 200,000 illegals at the nation’s southwest frontier, the fourth consecutive month with a number approaching a quarter million. The administration continued violating federal law by releasing more than 70,000 to colonize the American heartland.

The latest monthly total brings the number for the fiscal year, which ends September 30, to more than 1.7 million. Total released: Almost 700,000.

June’s Numbers

The open subversion of American law is almost too shocking to believe, both in the number of illegals Biden permits to cross the border, and in the number he releases in the hope of overwhelming the country with impoverished “migrants” who will vote for Democrats.

Agents stopped 207,416 illegals in June, 191,898 of whom tried to jump the border. For the fiscal year, which began October 1, the total is 1,746,119.

That number exceeds the population of every major city in the country except New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. The population of Phoenix is 1.62 million.

With a quarter left in fiscal 2022, border agents have already handled more illegals than all of last year, 1,734,686.

If the rate continues — about 194,000 per month — agents will handle another 582,00 illegals by September 30. That will make the total for the year 2.33 million, a 33.5-percent increase from last year.

And again, June became the fourth straight month that encounters at the border surpassed 200,000. The total since March 1 is 906,453.

Biden released 79,652 illegals, 40 percent of the total encountered. That figure is found in monthly data a federal court requires the administration to provide.

Those numbers are telling as well, and show just how severe a problem Biden’s impeachable violation of federal law has become.

Since the beginning of the fiscal year, he has released 691,775 illegals, and well more than one million since he took office.

Monthly Releases:

  • June: 79,652
  • May: 95,318
  • April: 117,989
  • March: 80,116
  • February: 55,043
  • January: 62,573
  • December: 74,799
  • November: 83,725
  • October: 42,560

If Biden releases 40 percent of the projected 2.33 million illegals whom agents will handle by September 30, Americans will have to deal with 932,000. Few, if any, will ever be deported, and instead, where they establish colonies, will become a crushing financial burden on state and local taxpayers, as well as a major crime problem.

Texas Hardest Hit

Texas is suffering the most from Biden’s border treason. Agents in the Del Rio and Rio Grande Valley border sectors handled 128,040 illegals who were caught jumping the border. That’s 66.7 percent of the total.

  • Del Rio: 45,225
  • Rio Grande Valley: 44,667
  • El Paso: 26,239
  • Laredo: 9,884
  • Big Bend: 2,025


The obvious question is whether Republicans, if they retake Capitol Hill, will impeach Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for willfully violating multiple provisions of U.S. immigration law.

As The New American reported in April, citing Andrew Arthur of the Center for Immigration Studies, the Secure Fence Act of 2006 requires Mayorkas to establish “operational control” of the border. The unindicted Cuban visa fraudster has done the opposite, and has instead permitted illegals to continue crossing by inviting them into the country. As well, with Biden’s permission, he is releasing illegals instead of detaining them, as, again, the law requires. Mayorkas has repeatedly and openly confessed to not enforcing those laws. He could also be found guilty of “bringing in and harboring” illegals.

Though hard-right conservatives want to impeach Biden, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate GOP chieftain Mitch McConnell have said that won’t happen.

To reverse Biden’s Great Replacement policy, impeaching Biden and even Mayorkas won’t be enough. Harris, who would succeed Biden, must be removed as well, which would position a GOP House Speaker to assume the presidency.

Even then, the mass deportation of the illegal-alien colonists Biden has released is unlikely. No Republican would have the courage to do it.