By James Murphy
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The Encinitas Union School District, just north of San Diego, has endorsed a Halloween event featuring a “family friendly” drag show. “Boo Bash” is scheduled for October 29 and also includes trick-or-treating, games, and a costume contest aimed at elementary schoolchildren.

The event is being sponsored Align Surgical Associates, a San Francisco sex-change surgery outfit, and Rich’s nightclub, a San Diego gay bar. The flyer for the event proclaimed it “the queerest free Halloween party for youth & families.”

While the Encinitas Union School District did not host the event, they did promote it on their Peachjar digital communication platform. After parent protests, the district eventually removed the flyer for “not meeting district approval criteria. The district has reviewed and adjusted procedures for approving fliers in the future.”

But many parents are hopping mad that the district promoted the event in the first place.

“I just want to know what it is that makes a drag show family friendly?” Brittany Mayer, a mother in the district, quipped.

“What is it about a grown man costumed in a sparkly bra with augmented boobs busting out and wearing a miniskirt barely covering his twerking a** with duct tape on his front while spreading his fish-netted legs as he writhes on the ground, grinding his groin next to a minor, family friendly?” the outraged mother asked.

Mayer then accused the school board of even worse behavior: “You all played the activist pimp for Align Surgical center and for a 21 plus gay bar. It makes you groomers and activist pimps and we won’t have those sitting on a school board that oversees the education of our children.”

Mayer was featured on Tucker Carlson Tonight this week.

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean Boller, who removed her two children from the district last year over mask mandates, jumped into the fray as well, reportedly saying, “Our message is very clear. We don’t want strip shows, we don’t want drag shows, and definitely not … inviting the parents and kids in our district.”

Boller was stripped of her title in 2009 for very mildly defending original marriage during the Miss USA pageant.

Leftists in the San Diego area voiced their support for the Halloween event, which organizers claim will be “Disney themed.”

San Diego County Supervisor Terra Lawson-Remer blasted the concerned parents for their “bigoted” views: “The parents in my home school district (Encinitas Union) protesting the Halloween Drag Show should be ashamed of themselves for pushing hate and intolerance on all of us.”

“THIS KIND OF BIGOTRY HAS NO PLACE IN OUR COMMUNITY,” Lawson-Remer ranted on Twitter. The supervisor also promised that she and her three-year-old child would attend the event.

One school board candidate addressed the issue in politician-speak, not really taking a side.

“We certainly want to be an inclusive community and support groups of all kinds, but the question is where do we draw the line?” asked Justin Ried, a potential school board member. “At what point do we think well, maybe drag shows shouldn’t be promoted to our kindergarten through 6th families? Is that something that would be suitable for somebody who is 5 to 10 years old, maybe not. We should know how those decisions are being arrived at.”

(Instead of simply posing a question, Mr. Ried, why don’t you give your own opinion so voters can know where you stand before you’re allowed to vote on such things?)

Meanwhile, the concerned parents are actively looking for answers as to why the drag show was allowed on the district’s digital communication system. They’ve even engaged an attorney to investigate the matter.

“A lot of people are just generally not comfortable with the idea of pushing drag queen shows on little kids but separate and apart from that I think the biggest concern with this event are the sponsors,” said Paul Jonna, the attorney hired by the parents. “We submitted a public records request to find out more about their involvement, their communication with these sponsors….”

Even in far-left California, a remnant of sanity remains and the fight continues. However, at this point, the message for parents is clear. Get your children out of the left-wing socialist indoctrination centers known as America’s public schools.