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I didn’t have much contact with my high school guidance counselor, but I very much doubt he belonged to a criminal street gang. But if I were going to high school in Boston now, I wouldn’t be able to say that with any confidence.

An “academic dean” in the Boston Public School system has pleaded guilty to racketeering. One Shaun Harrison, 63 years old, shot a student. It turns out that Mr. Harrison belonged to the Latin Kings street gang and was using his position in the schools to recruit more members to the gang.

What? Did no one else in that school district know, or at least suspect, that this dean might be of a dubious character? Who interviewed him for the job? Who checked his record? Who voted to hire him? What in the world is a confessed racketeer doing, “helping problem students”? And was he the only one?

Yes, I know it’s a hard story to believe.

And here’s another one.

Inderkum High School, in Sacramento (we’re going coast to coast) had a “teacher” who bragged about having pledged allegiance to Antifa, displayed an Antifa flag in his classroom, along with posters of Mao Tse-tung and other communist all-stars, and proclaimed to the nooze media, “I have 180 days to turn them [his students] into revolutionaries.”

The school board that hired him has now paid him almost $200,000 to resign and go away without a lawsuit. Click the link—you’ve got to see the picture of this guy. *This* is a “teacher”? People go to work, pay their taxes… so they can have this wacko “teach” their children? Like, if Antifa is NOT a criminal or terrorist group, it’s not for want to trying. (Hint: Democrats protect them.)

What were they thinking when they hired him? What teachers’ college prepared him to get a teaching certificate? And they’ve paid him three years’ salary just to get lost!

We ask again: What do the public schools have to do to convince you that they want to break up your family and wreck your country? What have they left undone, that you persist in sending your children there? Ours is the costliest public education system in world history—and this is what it gives us?

And that’s without even mentioning Critical Race Theory, transgender propaganda, and an ongoing campaign by “educators” to groom children for aberrant sex. Here all they’re doing is hiring gangsters and communist fanatics to “educate” America’s children.

How did all these America-hating, family-hating, God-hating weirdos gain control of our education system? But they’ve been working at it for a long, long time. R.J. Rushdoony’s “The Messianic Character of American Education” uses the educators’ own words, and their own actions, to expose them as the termites that they are, gnawing away at the foundations of our country. A hundred years ago it was mostly ivory-tower theorists with crackpot notions—and they were opposed by, of all people, the teachers. But nowadays it’s not only theorists doing all the damage: it’s the teachers’ unions, teachers’ colleges, and state and local school boards, too. All together they’ve transformed our public education system into the travesty that it is today.

There’s no hope of repairing the damage. Our only meaningful response is to remove our children from the public schools. Homeschooling has never been more affordable, more effective, or more efficient than it is now; and it’s getting better all the time. Certainly better, by miles and miles, than anything that public education has to offer.

We don’t need our public education system anymore.

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