By Heather Hamilton
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A new Discovery+ show documenting five teenage drag queens has garnered pushback as it shared its trailer across social media.

The reality TV show, Generation Drag, is to be hosted by Tyra Banks. It is set to stream June 1 as it follows the teenagers’ attempts to find their identities while pursuing drag.

Washington Examiner opinion contributor Nicole Russell shared the trailer on Twitter, calling it “child abuse.”

Russell is not alone. The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family, and Property has created a petition against the show, demanding that Discovery+ cancel it.

“Once again, our children are being attacked,” the petition states. “Our children should not be exposed to unnatural vice.”

As of Sunday morning, the petition, which asks people to sign in agreement that the show “corrupts and demolishes our children’s innocence,” had gathered more than 7,600 supporters, with a goal of 12,000.

One Twitter user responded to the trailer, calling it “truly one of the most sad things” ever seen.

Others have vowed to cancel their Discovery+ subscription, while adding: “Stop promoting the indoctrination of our children!”

Discovery+ is a streaming service owned by Warner Bros. Discovery.