By John Binder
Article Source

The Democrat-controlled Washington, DC, City Council is readying to allow about 50,000 foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, to vote in local elections.

This week, the D.C. City Council voted unanimously to give voting rights to foreign nationals, including newly arrived illegal aliens, for local school board and mayoral elections. The plan now heads to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s (D) desk where she is expected to sign it.

In total, about 50,000 foreign nationals and illegal aliens could be eligible to vote in local elections across D.C. if the measure is not thrown out by Congress before taking effect.

The law is so expansive that the thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens sent to D.C. from Texas on migrant buses in recent months would be eligible to vote in local elections if they stay in the city.

Most recently, border crossers and illegal aliens were bused to Vice President Kamala Harris’s residence from Texas. Bowser has sought to bring in the D.C. National Guard to aid with the influx of illegal immigrants to the city, but President Joe Biden’s administration has repeatedly denied the request.

In June, the New York State Supreme Court struck down a similar law passed by the New York City Council that sought to allow nearly a million foreign nationals to vote in municipal elections.

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