By Luis Miguel
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If you leave the door open to the Third World, you eventually become the Third World.

The Biden White House’s disastrous immigration policy is producing a long list of negative consequences for the nation, from eroding law and order to endangering the lives of American citizens, from increasing the tax burden on the people to lowering our quality of life.

One of the ramifications of unchecked migration from the southern border that is too rarely discussed is that ultimately this policy will transform our political system into a replica of Mexico’s. That is, the United States is on track to becoming a narco republic if we don’t get our immigration priorities in order.

No one would accuse Mexico of having an enviable government. Corruption is the norm everywhere from the lowest to the highest levels. Most public officials, from the local police officers to the city hall clerks to senators and governors have no hesitation to use their authority to exact bribes and favors so long as they think they aren’t going to get caught.

This culture of trying to reap financial benefit from public office when they think no one is looking is not only what makes the government of Mexico, like that of many Latin American nations, so ineffective and inefficient; it’s also what has allowed the drug cartels to assume incredible power.

It’s virtually impossible for the government to effectively combat organized crime in Mexico because so long as the cartels have money, they have the means to buy the influence of the very government officials who are supposed to be fighting against the illicit drug trade.

While this state of affairs is sad for the people of Mexico, it ultimately wouldn’t be our problem if it weren’t affecting us so strongly here in the United States — and, in large measure, the reason it affects us is because we allow it to due to our open border.

After all, it’s the lack of a secure, walled-off border that makes it possible for the cartels to import the drugs that destroy the lives of so many Americans. It’s the lack of a secure border that facilitates human trafficking.

But it isn’t just drugs being transported across the border. It’s an entire cultural and political ecosystem.

It’s no secret or surprise that organized crime thrives in poor immigrant communities. That’s always been the case throughout history, including American history, and it’s certainly the case in high immigrant population centers in the United States today. Such communities are the perfect recruiting ground for the cartels, as they target young poverty-stricken men with an ax to grind against society.

And because these communities have such heavy foreign-born populations, rather than acclimate to American culture, they simply bring their foreign culture with them wholesale — to the point where in many such towns, Spanish nearly surpasses English as the dominant language. Thus, the political traditions from south of the border become commonplace right here in the states.

That means that not only does drug trafficking gain a foothold on American soil, but so does the corrupt politics that allows it to thrive: The bribes, the kickbacks, the easily bought-off politicians.

We’re already seeing the consequences in California, which is becoming a political wasteland of corruption, inefficacy, high taxes, crime, and absolute governmental failure. What has not been touched on enough is the grave danger that such an environment is a fertile ground for the cartels to come in and gain real political power as they have in Mexico — where in some states their mix of bribery and blackmail has been so successful that they are the government.

And the ramifications wouldn’t only be for liberal states such as California. In our federal system, these states could produce congressmen, senators, federal judges, and presidents who are backed by cartel money — making policies that would affect the entire nation.

The Biden regime, then, is placing the whole country at risk of becoming a Third World failed state in which criminal organizations, not the people, rule.

Considering how deliberately and methodically Democrats are going about creating an open border, despite the obvious consequences to America’s well-being, one has to wonder whether cartel money is already flowing into politicians’ coffers, inducing them to keep the southern border wide open.