By C. Mitchell Shaw
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As Lia Thomas — the University of Pennsylvania’s “transgender” swimmer who is famous for being a “transgender” swimmer — continues to dominate his sport by being a man competing with women, the father of one of those women says UPenn has “breached trust” by forcing his daughter to share a locker room with Thomas, where she was exposed to parts of him that prove he is not a woman.

While most of the reaction to Thomas from conservative media and politicians has focused on “protecting women’s sports,” the real issue related to men-who-pretend-to-be-women playing female sports is one of truth. And as the Washington Examiner’s Christopher Tremoglie states in a recent article, “While it is important to protect the sanctity of competition in women’s sports, it is equally important to make sure young women aren’t traumatized by being forced to see naked male genitalia in an area that is supposed to be a safe space.”

That Thomas routinely exposes his male genitals to females in the locker room is already known to authorities. As the Washington Examiner reported back in February, two women’s groups sent letters to city and school authorities addressing the illegality of Thomas’ actions. Those letters began, “We are writing to report a potential violation of Pennsylvania Code of Law Section 3127 and of Title IX and of the University of Pennsylvania’s Sexual Harassment, Sexual Violence, Relationship Violence and Stalking Policy,” and went on to state:

Female swimmers have claimed they felt “uncomfortable” and “definitely awkward” as … Thomas doesn’t “always cover up” in the locker room, exposing male genitalia in front of college-aged females.

This was also reported previously by Daily Mail under a headline that inadvertently illustrates the insanity of playing along with “transgender” ideology. That headline stated that “the trans swimmer doesn’t always cover up her male genitals.” Her male genitals? Here is a biology tip for the folks who don’t see what’s wrong with that sentence: The very presence of genuine male genitals is a sure sign that the person whose genitals are being described is a male. The correct sentence would be: “The sexually confused swimmer doesn’t always cover up his male genitals.”

But setting aside lessons in biology and sentence construction, the issue is that since at least January, UPenn’s executive director of the Office of Student Conduct and the university’s Title IX officer have known that Thomas was flashing his many parts at women who — rightly — feel uncomfortable about it. And since February, that list also includes the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office, the Philadelphia police commissioner, and the Philadelphia sheriff.

Spoiler: They all ignored the letter and its contents.

Given the spirit of the age in which we live, it is understandable that while these young women want relief, they have been cautious to keep their names out of the controversy that would surely arise from saying they don’t want to see Thomas nude in a room designed for women — and only women — to be nude. After all, the spirit of the age says that Thomas — male genitals and all — is a woman.

Against the backdrop of that insanity, Tremoglie begins his recent piece with:

The father of a female swimmer on the University of Pennsylvania’s swim team told me, on the condition of anonymity, that he felt UPenn had failed to protect his daughter and violated his trust. This was because, in addition to forcing his daughter to compete against a male choosing to identify as a woman, his daughter was also forced to share the same locker room as Lia Thomas and be exposed to Thomas’s male genitalia.

The father is quoted as saying about his daughter and the situation with Thomas, “I can’t say she’s been traumatized, but there was definitely a breach of trust and a failure on the part of Penn to protect her.” The father also addressed the bait-and-switch tactics employed by the university. While stumbling into the same pit as did Daily Mail in pretending that Thomas — male genitals and all — is a “she,” the unnamed father said, “In the fall of 2019, when Lia first came out, the girls were told she would have her own separate space somewhere,” adding, “For some reason, that obviously changed. I’m not sure why it changed. Was it money? Was it legal threats?”

Likely, it was neither.

UPenn, like so many other subsidiaries of the establishment, moves with the spirit of the age, and that spirit is currently draped in a rainbow flag with its male genitals on full display. In all likelihood, the idea that a “woman” can expose “her” male genitals is the very point. Because when even an irate father whose daughter is routinely exposed to male genitals against her will can’t bring himself to use the correct pronoun to describe the owner of those male genitals, the spirit of the age is strong.

This would explain why Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is almost certain to be confirmed to the Supreme Court even though she flatly denies that she can define the word “woman.” “Trans” rights are not about rights for people who “identify” as the opposite sex; “trans” rights are about undoing the very fabric of reality.

You can’t rebuild on the wreckage of a previous society unless it is first left in wreckage.

Lia Thomas — and the young women to whom he exposes his male genitals — is little more than cannon fodder to the leftist establishment. And while it is easy to see his genuine female teammates and competitors as victims, he is equally a victim. His mental illness is being milked for all it is worth by those who want ruins on which to rebuild after their “Great Reset.”

This writer will give Tremoglie the final word. He closes his worthwhile article with:

It is a sad state of affairs when universities have to lie to parents in order to accommodate transgender students. The University of Pennsylvania prioritized one person suffering from gender dysphoria over its female students — and their parents, who pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in tuition. Universities are supposed to protect students — all of their students, not just those who have been elevated to a protected class resulting from a warped and misguided sense of social justice.