By Luis Miguel
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The collusion between Beijing and American globalist billionaires continues.

Recent findings by The National Pulse reveal that the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the “charitable” outfit of the Microsoft founder, provided significant money to the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Science and Technology, enabling the regime to achieve its goal of bringing scientists from abroad into China in order to give the communists a competitive technological advantage over the United States.

The National Pulse notes that the Gates Foundation in June awarded a $100,000 grant to the Foreign Talent Research Center, which is part of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Per the foundation’s website, the funds were used to finance a forum on “pandemic preparedness and response,” specifically on the subject of “leveraging resources to improve global health and support disadvantaged populations who are disproportionately impacted by pandemic.”

It should be noted that the forum in question is part of a partnership with the Zhongguancun Forum, a conference the Chinese Communist Party organizes that includes speeches by top CCP officials, including President Xi Jinping himself.

The Ministry of Science and Technology runs a Foreign Talent Research Center that aims to recruit foreign scientists, particularly from Western countries, to work for the Chinese state.

An outline of the Foreign Talent Research Center reads that the ministry “formulates and facilitates the implementation of plans for bringing in high-end foreign experts, develops mechanisms for pooling top-notch scientists and research teams from abroad, and provides services for foreign experts.”

The transfer of skilled personnel from West to East has been a strategy of China’s communist regime to gain advantage over the United States — one the American government has tried to crack down on.

One of Beijing’s programs to pull scientists away from the West is known as the Thousand Talents Plan, which has resulted in numerous Department of Justice indictments for scientists who have not properly disclosed their financial ties to China even when receiving taxpayer dollars for their work.

But this is far from the first time Gates and his foundation have been caught aiding the Communist Chinese.

As The New American has previously reported, Gates and the CCP are working together to influence U.S. agriculture policy.

A Chinese Communist Party influence group with ties to Gates helped organize an event designed to convince American policymakers to partner with China on agriculture.

The event in question, the China Agriculture Roundtable, was co-hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) and the U.S.-China Heartland Association (USCHA).

Gates visited the CPAFFC in June 2014 to give a speech in praise of the group. Gates has also previously advised the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), which aims to gain CCP influence in Western institutions.

Gates, in fact, served on a steering committee for CUSEF for a 2013 report entitled “US-China Economic Relations in the Next Ten Years: Towards Deeper Engagement and Mutual Benefit.”

The 400-page report, authored by American academic and business leaders in collaboration with CCP-allied counterparts, calls for “even more business to business collaboration in science and technology,” “relaxation of U.S. export controls of high-tech products,” and more policies to promote closer ties between the two nations.

In addition, Gates spoke at a 2012 forum hosted by the China Association for International Friendly Contact (CAIFC), which the U.S. government has described as “a front organization for the former General Political Department” of the CCP, performing “dual roles of intelligence collection and conducting propaganda and perception management campaigns.”

The question many Americans are asking themselves is, “Why are wealthy individuals like Gates allowed to openly finance and promote the interests of a regime that seeks the subjugation of the United States?” Doesn’t such activity clearly classify as sedition?

The Gates question goes hand-in-hand with the political panorama in the country, under which many leading politicians have entangling financial interests with the Chinese.

The solution is clear: Doing business with the CCP must be aggressively prosecuted as seditious. From billionaires to government officials, everyone who deals with the Chinese should be arrested.

Of course, the broader problem is that the U.S. as a country does business and has become dependent on the very people who seek to destroy us. We must end the suicidal trade policy that has become dogma in political circles, and bring production out of Beijing and back to America.