By Michael Tennant
Article Source

In their ongoing efforts to advance the abortion and LGBT agendas, congressional Democrats have introduced legislation to create a new position in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to combat “misinformation” regarding abortion and other “reproductive and sexual health services.”

Introduced Friday by Representative Nikema Williams (D-Ga.), a former Planned Parenthood official, and cosponsored by four other Democrats, the bill would establish the position of Ombuds for Reproductive and Sexual Health. The Ombuds (ombudsman, an actual word, would be sexist) would report directly to the Secretary of HHS.

The qualifications for the position make it quite clear that the Ombuds is not merely to be an impartial disseminator of information but an advocate for all manner of perversion. In addition to having “expertise in sexual and reproductive health,” the Ombuds must also possess “demonstrated commitment to the provision of specified health services, including abortion and the care of LGBTQ+ individuals.” In short, anyone who opposes abortion-on-demand, believes that the homosexual lifestyle is detrimental to a person’s health, or has any trepidations about permanently altering “transgender” children’s bodies need not apply.

The first job of the Ombuds is “to educate the public on specified health care services, including by making evidence-based, medically accurate educational materials available to the public.” The bill later defines “specified health care services” as “evidence-based, medically accurate medical, surgical, counseling, or referral services relating to reproductive and sexual health, including services relating to pregnancy and the termination of a pregnancy.”

As a corollary to this function, the Ombuds is also charged with “collect[ing] information regarding, and … address[ing], reproductive and sexual health misinformation being disseminated to the public.” That, according to the bill, “includes any information relating to reproductive and sexual health that is not evidence based or medically accurate, including inaccuracy in the provision of any related services.”

In other words, the same people whose idea of “evidence based” and “medically accurate” information concerning Covid-19 included such things as wearing cloth masks, social distancing, closing schools and churches, forbidding people to leave their homes, and using the entire population as guinea pigs in a deadly “vaccine” experiment — those who, as one UN official put it, “own the science” — will now be in charge of deciding what qualifies as accurate information regarding abortion, sexual health, and gender “transitioning.”

These same individuals will also determine what qualifies as “misinformation” regarding these topics. Once again, the people who told us that the coronavirus couldn’t possibly have leaked from a Chinese laboratory, that the vaccines are perfectly safe and prevent infection and transmission, and that anyone who disagreed with their policies was a “science denier” will, under this bill, have the authority to tell us which statements regarding abortion and other topics are false.

Moreover, given the Left’s proclivity for silencing its critics, one can be relatively certain that the government will act on the Ombuds’ “misinformation” findings in ways detrimental to free speech and debate. Earlier this year, for example, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) created a “Disinformation Governance Board” to monitor alleged falsehoods in the runup to the midterm elections. Although that plan was officially put on hold after intense public resistance, its work continues apace, albeit out of public view, documents leaked to The Intercept revealed.

“Since the Supreme Court stuck [sic] down Roe v. Wade and gave states the right to regulate abortion in June,” observed Fox News, “Democrats have been looking for ways to help steer people to abortion services in states with fewer restrictions on the procedure.” To that end, the Ombuds would also “disseminate information about how individuals can connect with … abortion funds” and “other clinics that provide specified health care services.” In addition, the official would “provide the public with … information regarding medication abortions conducted outside formal medical settings.”

Williams’ bill is, of course, in its earliest stages, and it may well disappear without a trace like dozens of other bills introduced every legislative session. But given the zeal for such matters among Democrats, which will only intensify if they lose control of one or both chambers of Congress next week, don’t be surprised if it ends up on the fast track to the president’s desk.