By Christopher Tremoglie
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The latest delusional Democrat appeared before the House Judiciary Committee’s hearing on abortion on Wednesday and made the oft-repeated yet utterly ridiculous claim that men can have babies.

Aimee Arrambide, the executive director of the infant genocide advocacy group known as Avow Texas, told members of Congress that women can claim to be men, get pregnant, and have abortions.

“I believe that everyone can identify for themselves,” Arrambide stated.

Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) also asked Arrambide if men could get pregnant and have abortions.

“Yes,” Arrambide said.

This is categorically false, to the point of being delusional. The mere decision to identify as a man does not make you one.

Yet even setting that lunacy aside, the bigger question is how anyone can support this silliness.

Sure, any scholar or politically motivated and agenda-driven ideologue can read fake science and be indoctrinated in anti-science gender studies concepts. But who are the people that legitimately believe these things? Who wakes up in the morning, reads the story about Aimee Arrambide’s testimony before Congress, and thinks to themselves, “Oh, this is normal. Pregnant men? Absolutely makes sense! I believe that.”

It is a scientific fact that men — people born with an X and a Y chromosome and lacking a female reproductive system — are unable to bear children. Yet many Democrats are actively at war with this basic scientific fact. This is a seriously troubling issue. How did this fringe element of American society advance so far that someone who would say such a stupid thing in front of a congressional panel would ever be invited to testify?

Here is the upshot: anyone who states that men can have children is either lying for political gain, or so severely damaged as a human being, that they need immediate mental help. As a civilization, we must stop entertaining such outlandish claims.

Any normal, rational human being can agree that transgender people should not be attacked or mocked or discriminated against, while simultaneously refusing to make policy based on their delusions. The myth gender dysphoria can make a woman into a man, or that any human being that gets pregnant and has a child can be a man, is just fatuous.

It’s time to stop enabling this destructive behavior and entertaining these lies. Anyone who has a baby, bears children, carries children, and produces the egg that gets fertilized is a woman. It’s time to end the crazy talk and contradict the crazy talkers.