Apparently, before the Pfizer fanaticism of 2020 began, Fauci was more like a conspiracy theorist than a reputable doctor.

By Kennedy Hall
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It turns out that Dr. Anthony Fauci hasn’t been completely forthright and honest with the public about the truth of natural immunity from a respiratory virus.

I know, I know. I too am beyond shocked that the good doctor might not be the honest and ironclad source of truth that we all know him to be. Well, perhaps we can compose ourselves and move on from our astonishment and investigate what actually happened.

A snippet from an interview from 2004 has surfaced online showing Fauci speaking of this mythical natural immunity that evaded the world’s COVID experts for two years.

Apparently, before the Pfizer fanaticism of 2020 began, Fauci was more like a conspiracy theorist than a reputable doctor.

Not only did he suggest that having an infection from a virus was a good way to catch some immunity, he had the audacity to claim that it was the “best vaccination!”

But wait, there’s more. In addition to the suggestion that human beings can become immune to illnesses by recovering from them – what a kooky idea! – Mr. Fauci counsels a woman to not get a flu jab after having the flu.

COVID is no different

Now, you may be thinking to yourselves that this is not a fair comparison, because COVID is so super-duper extra dangerous and novel that there is no way that anything so absurd as natural immunity could be acquired from prior infection of that bug; and of course, pigs would fly before Fauci said anything so ludicrous.

Well, it turns out the depths of his conspiracy theory ramblings are even more profound than we thought. In an interview from March 23 with Fortune, it seems as those Fauci’s credibility has taken another blow, as he let it slip that even COVID follows the biological laws that govern other viruses!

He said, “When you look at the cases, they do not appear to be any more severe [than Omicron] and they do not appear to evade immune responses either from vaccine or prior infection.”

Of course, he told us for over a year that the abortion-tainted experimental jabs that have killed many thousands and wounded others are surely safe and effective. So we should not be shocked when he states the obvious in that the jabs protect people; troublesome data that says the exact opposite notwithstanding.

But I think we might need to re-evaluate our collective Fauci worship since he said that “prior infection” offers any protection to COVID. Claims like this are irresponsible coming from a man who has been consistent on his positions regarding COVID since the beginning.

I mean, I guess he hasn’t been that consistent, as he has flip-flopped on masks a bunch of times.

Before you go all scorched earth on the COVID King, remember, he only has over 50 years of professional experience, its irresponsible of us to expect him to be right on everything!

The truth about immunity

Sometimes in life, we need to humble ourselves and obey the changing dogma coming from the COVID gods, so, in a spirit of respect for Fauci and the Corona Clergy, maybe we owe it to our virus leaders to look into the truth about immunity derived from prior infections of viruses in general.

Interestingly, it turns out that getting sick actually helps you with the sickness you have in the future! What’s more, this has been known for years and until the magical change that took place in 2020, it was something that all serious scientists believed.

According to places like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all sorts of poxes and measles and a whole host of other illness produce natural immunity. Not only that, they even recommend that you don’t get jabbed with whatever jab is recommended for a given illness if you have already had it.

Some viruses even produce lifetime immunity and vaccines have been known to not be as effective as recovering from the disease itself.

It might be a bit overwhelming to take in so much new information inspired by Fauci’s unexpected – yet of course totally honest and understandable – flip-flop on COVID immunity. However, we all need to accept that sometimes the science changes … so, changing our entire view of COVID and vaccines is probably the scientific thing to do anyway!

After all, Fauci is the science, so if he changes his mind, then the science changes with it!