By C. Mitchell Shaw
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Loudoun County Public Schools in Virginia — famous for disastrous woke policies — has instructed teachers to align with the district’s policy of creating “transgender” equity by eliminating all “gender based practices,” according to newly revealed teacher training materials.

Even after finding themselves in hot water for allowing — and then covering up — the rape of two female students by a “transgender” student (who is clearly a male, though he prefers to wear dresses while raping his classmates), the district has not backed off of the policy of promoting “transgenderism.” In fact, they are doubling down on that policy. As Daily Caller reports:

Staff were instructed to “allow gender expansive and transgender students to participate in activities in a manner consistent with the student’s gender identity” and “reduce or eliminate gender based practices to the extent possible,” including gender-based school dances and class activities in which boys competed with girls, according to … August 2021 teacher training from Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS), obtained by Ian Prior, executive director of Fight For Schools and senior advisor at America First Legal, through a public records request.

The training was instructing educators on the district’s Policy 8040 regarding the “Rights of Transgender and Gender-Expansive Students.”

LCPS passed the policy in August of 2021, which requires teachers to call students by their “chosen name and gender pronouns that reflect their gender identity without any substantiating evidence” and allows transgender students to participate in sports and use bathrooms that correspond to their chosen gender identity.


The policy also eliminated practices such as “grouping students for class activities, gender based homecoming or prom courts, limitations on who can attend as ‘couples’ at school dances, and gender-based events such as father-daughter dances,” according to FAQs regarding the policy.

One slide that was part of the teacher training stated that school administrators and mental health professionals “will need to consider the health and safety of the student in situations where students may not want their parents to know about their gender identity.” It went on to say that informing parents that their child has adopted a “transgender” identity should be handled on a “case-by-case basis.”

Furthermore, the training stated that a student’s “gender identity” or “transgender” status “should not be shared even internally among school personnel except to those with a legitimate educational interest.” Of course, this leads to a natural and logical question: If Tommy decides he is Tammy and teachers are required to use that name and Tommy’s “preferred pronouns,” but the teacher is not told of this, how in the world is that teacher going to comply?

No worries; the powers-that-be thought to address that in the training. “Inadvertent slips in the use of names or pronouns may occur” and that is all right, but faculty, “staff or students who intentionally and persistently refuse to respect a student’s gender identity by using the wrong name and gender pronoun” will find themselves running afoul of the policy and will be dealt with accordingly. This prompts the other natural and logical question: Just how exactly does one know if someone is “intentionally” calling Tommy “Tommy” or “he” or otherwise insulting him by speaking an obvious truth?

It also misses the more important point that requiring faculty, staff, and students to speak in accordance with Tommy’s delusion is a violation of both truth and speech. But perhaps that is part of the point: insane policies are supposed to be insane. And disturbing.

And while the policy itself is disturbing — especially in the wake of a boy in a dress raping two different girls in two different schools (at least one of those rapes taking place in a restroom designated for girls) — what is particularly troubling is when this policy went into effect: August of 2021 was right in between the two rapes (the first taking place on May 28, 2021, and the second on October 6, 2021 after the district simply transferred to boy rapist-in-a-dress to another school in the district in an attempt to cover up the first rape).

Also, about that same time, the district lied to and about any parent who caught wind of the rapes and tried to raise an alarm. As this writer wrote when the boy rapist-in-a-dress was found guilty of his crimes:

It should not have taken a violent and forcible rape to highlight what everyone instinctively already knows: One chief distinction between males and females is that males have penises and females do not.

If only someone had warned the Loudoun County School District and other militant leftists that this was a likely outcome of throwing wide the doors of restrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces intended for females. If only right-thinking, conservative publications such as The New American had spent the past few years saying something such as, “If you let boys in restrooms and locker rooms intended for girls, someone is going to be sexually assaulted.” If only. But wait — that is precisely what this magazine and others have been saying for years now. And that is precisely the conversation that many Loudoun County parents were trying to have at school-board meetings at the same time that the district was transferring this rapist to another school where he could rape again.

Those parents were lied to and lied about as the Loudoun County School District worked feverishly to cover up the first rape. Parents were told that everything was fine, and that they were fearmongering and discriminating against “transgender” students. The media reported that those parents were a danger to the community. But those parents were right all along — and school officials knew it.

As the man on the late-night infomercial says, “But wait! There’s more!” Right in the middle of all of this, the school board for Loudoun County shut down a meeting and called police on parents who objected to policies including “gender-expansive language.”

So, the timeline looks like this: On May 28, 2021, a “transgender” student took advantage of “transgender” policies that allowed him to enter a female restroom, hike up his skirt, and forcibly rape a female student. The district lied and covered up the rape by transferring the rapist to another school. About the time that boy raped the first girl (and before he was transferred), the school board shut down a meeting and had two parents arrested for speaking out about their insane policies. Then, in August, the Loudoun County School District — pretending that first rape either never happened or had nothing to do with their insane policies — implemented an even broader iteration of their insane policies. Then on October 6, to the shock and surprise of no one who knew about the boy’s first forcible rape of a classmate, he again hiked up his skirt and raped another female classmate at his new school. And all along during this process, Loudoun County parents were lied to (being told there was no such rape) and about (being smeared in the press as dangerous bigots who simply don’t like boys in dresses).

So, as Loudoun County parents gnash their teeth and rend their garments over this insanity — waiting, as it were, for the other pink stiletto to drop and another girl to be raped by a boy in a dress — the answer they (and others across the country) are looking for is simple. Given that Loudoun County and other deeply-committed LGBTQ(xyz)-friendly school districts do not care what those parents think, any effort to reform is an exercise in futility. The only answer is to starve public schools of the only thing they can’t do without — and that is your children.

And lest one think, “But my school isn’t like that,” ask yourself — will you find out that your school has become like this before or after your child is exposed to this kind of insanity? Before or after a teacher discusses his gay love life in class? Before or after the first rape in your child’s school restroom?

Children are the most precious gift God gives parents. There are options and alternatives to sending them to public (read: government) schools. Millions of parents homeschool their kids. Millions more elect to participate in either online academies — such as FreedomProject Academy — or a local academy that shares the values and religious ideals of the parents.

Sadly, millions of parents continue to send their children into the lion’s den of government schools, telling themselves their school is fine — or (knowing that it is not) that they can change it. Loudoun County illustrates the fallacy of that thinking. Because the school district there continues to show that they just don’t care what parents think and that they are unwilling to change — even after two rapes.