By Mike Maharrey
Article Source

NBC News recently did a report on the Missouri Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA). The biggest takeaway? The law is working just as intended.

The report featured Columbia Police Chief Geoff Jones complaining that his department could no longer work with federal agencies to enforce federal gun control.

“We had to pull out. We had to stop working with the ATF.”

That was exactly why SAPA was passed.

NBC also interviewed Rep. Jared Taylor who sponsored the SAPA legislation in the Missouri House. He pointed out that despite the complaints by Jones, Missouri police officers can still work with “federal partners” as long as they enforce laws on the books in Missouri. They are only prohibited from enforcing federal gun control that is not mirrored in state law..

“We are holding our law enforcement accountable. They aren’t federal resources. They are Missouri resources.”

Taylor also emphasized that the law does not stop police from “doing their job.”

The bottom line is this law was intended to stop state and local police from working with the feds to enforce federal gun control. The report reveals it’s doing exactly that.