By Noah
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Kanye West (“Ye”) and Paris Hilton are both big time celebrities.

But do they have more than just that in common?

Perhaps MK Ultra?

Ritual abuse?

Credit to Redpillbabe on Telegram for making the connection.

Read this:

We’ll start with the Paris Hilton story and then I’ll give you the Kanye story after that and you can make up your own mind if it’s the same thing…

Is Hollywood sicker than we even thought?

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We don’t often cover Paris Hilton here at WeLoveTrump…but this is an exception.

A BIG exception.

Because I believe this is a massive story that hasn’t really been picked up by the MSM.

Of course, they don’t want to touch it with a 10 foot pole — but we do.

Because our mission is to print the truth, especially when that truth may help kids from being abused.

So stay with me.

And that’s where Paris Hilton comes in.

She’s going public with stories of how she was abused as a teenager in at residential treatment facilities designed to treat diagnosed attention deficit disorder.

It sounds a whole lot less like “treatment” and more like systematic child sexual abuse.

WARNING: there are graphic stories in the rest of this article.  Do not read forward if you are sensitive.

But keep reading if you are willing to help expose the truth!

The story made TMZ:

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