By R. Cort Kirkwood
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It looks like the Big Guy has some explaining to do.

Because the Big Guy, Joe Biden, apparently paid Hunter Biden’s legal fees linked to a deal with a Red Chinese company, newly disclosed e-mails show. But that’s not the only revelation in the Daily Mail’s piece that disclosed the mega-millions of dollars President Joe Biden makes, despite never holding a real job.

Biden’s financial disclosures show $5.2 million in unexplained income. That’s a lot of chow mein, and raises the question of just how much profit from Hunter’s big deal with Chinese Reds went to the Big Guy, whom Hunter famously put down for a 10 percent cut.

The Legal Bills

For all the undeserved riches Hunter Biden had, paying bills on time seemed to be a problem, the latest e-mail shows.

“In January 2019, Hunter’s assistant Katie Dodge wrote an email to book-keeper Linda Shapero and Biden aide Richard Ruffner, saying Joe had agreed to pay his hundreds of thousands of dollars of bills,” the Mail reported.

And those fees came from Hunter’s lucrative pact with the Chinese Reds:

“I spoke with Hunter today regarding his bills. It is my understanding that Hunt’s dad will cover these bills in the short-term as Hunter transitions in his career,” Dodge said.

The assistant attached a spreadsheet of bills with the email, totaling $737,130.61.

One of the last items was $28,000 in legal fees for the ‘restructuring’ of Hunter’s joint venture with the government-controlled Bank of China.

The spreadsheet listed the bill as “Faegre Baker Daniels: BHR Restructuring” costing $28,382 and due “ASAP.”

BHR (“Bohai Harvest RST”) is a private equity firm and one of Hunter’s two major Chinese business ventures. The joint venture was co-owned by the state-controlled Bank of China.

So months before Joe Biden promised that “no one in my family” will play any role forming public policy or in the White House, or have “any business relationship with anyone that relates to a foreign corporation or a foreign country,” he agreed to pay Hunter’s China-related legal bills.

The e-mails also partly clarify some details about Joe Biden’s 10-percent cut from Hunter’s deal with the Chicoms.

“Not only did Hunter hold on to his 10% share of BHR through 2021, confirmed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki last February, the emails also indicate Joe knew about it, and even agreed to pay Hunter’s legal fees for the firm,” the Mail reported.

Big Guy’s Finances

As for multimillionaire Joe Biden, his filings with the Office of Government Ethics don’t add up.

“Between 2017 and 2019 he and First Lady Jill Biden reported $16.5 million in gross income on their federal tax returns, released by the Biden campaign,” the Mail disclosed:

The vast majority came from their two companies, CelticCapri Corp and Giacoppa Corp, which they use for speaking and writing engagements.

But in Office of Government Ethics (OGE) fillings for the same period, Joe only reported $9.6 million in income for himself and his wife.

Joe’s 2017 federal tax return shows $11 million of adjusted gross income, almost $4.6 million in 2018, and $985,233 in 2019. That’s a total of about $16.5 million.

Some of the remaining roughly $7 million came from wages earned by the First Lady from her Northern Virginia Community College teaching job and a salary she paid herself from Giacoppa, which the couple were not required to report to the OGE.

But a comparison of the income reported by Joe from his CelticCapri company on OGE reports versus what he told the IRS, shows a difference of almost $5.2 million which remains unaccounted for.

The obvious question is whether that $5.2 million might be the 10 percent that Hunter held for the Big Guy. Again, the 10 percent was loot from Hunter’s sweetheart deal with the Chicoms.

Hunter’s former biz pal, Tony Bobulinski, told the truth about the Biden Mafia’s deal in China just 12 days before the 2020 election. Joe Biden is the Big Guy in the infamous e-mails pulled from Hunter’s laptop, Bobulinksi said. And despite claims to the contrary, Joe Biden knew all about Hunter’s global business deals.