Sheriffs have an obligation to protect the God-given rights of citizens in their jurisdictions from anyone who might infringe on them — including federal agents — and they must investigate violations of elections laws in their jurisdictions, said Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association chief Sheriff Richard Mack in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Speaking after his appearance at the Moment of Truth summit, Mack called on sheriffs, as the chief law enforcement officers in their county, to provide oversight of federal agents in their jurisdictions. He also praised sheriffs across America who are doing their job. Thinking of the recent FBI raid on Trump, Mack also recounted an amazing story of how the FBI raided him days before a critical election as he was running for sheriff in Utah County, Utah. It probably cost him the win, Mack said. Pointing to Nuremberg, Mack called on federal officials to resign rather than follow unlawful orders to persecute political dissidents. Now, Mack, who famously defeated the federal government at the Supreme Court, is being attacked by CNN and other far-left media outlets, which even borrowed some footage from The New American for its attack piece.